The best way to explain relationship coaching is to explain what it is not...

Relationship Coaching is not psychotherapy or counseling. Although feelings may be expressed during a coaching session, no psychoanalysis or therapy will be used in relation to the emotions being expressed.

If you are already in marriage counseling or have tried it in the past, our relationship coaching works as a great alternative or supplement to marriage counseling.

As your coach, our job is to work with you to construct a custom-designed plan to help you manage your marriage or relationship. These relationships can be with your spouse, partner, mate or even other family members. 

Providing an alternative or supplement to marriage counseling, our role as your coach is to teach you skills and motivate you to incorporate those skills into your daily life. By supplying you with new information, skills, and “homework,” we will help you be accountable for the positive changes you decide to make in yourself and in your marriage or relationship.

Our Role as your Relationship Coach

Our Relationship Coaches work with couples and families to help build relationships, to make them stronger, and helps our clients develop long lasting relationships. Relationship coaching, is often referred to as an “Alternative or Supplement to Marriage Counseling”.

As a Relationship Coach, we work with our clients face to face in the Washington, D.C. area or via Skype, Face time, or phone for ‘remote’ coaching.  This allows our coaches to work with clients all over the world.

During your coaching sessions with us, you can expect to work on some of the following:  

  • Create a vision for your marriage or relationship – To quote Antoine de Saint-Exupery, “Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking gin the same direction.”

  • Review your relationship timeline to discover any certain repetitive cycles or ups and downs.

  • Build a deeper emotional and physical connection in your marriage or relationship.

  • Develop and work on nine (9) key areas of your relationship: communication, romance, fun, practical life (logistics of living including household, day-to-day issues), lovemaking, physical affection, parenting finances, and spirituality.

  • Compile a “trust inventory,” a list of things you feel you need from each other to help rebuild the trust between you as trust is one of the basic building blocks in any relationship.

  • Learn how to communicate in a constructive way that allows for feelings/thoughts to be shared and heard by each of you.

All of this helps you bring your relationship to its fullest potential and become a long- lasting and strong relationship, one that you value and cherish.

Your teamwork muscle kicks into high gear as you learn to work together to come up with solutions you can live with – no one gets his or her way 100% of the time.

Are you ready to get started? To work on your relationship? Whether it is with a spouse, partner, or even a family member … Relationship Coaching will make a difference in your life.

If you have read all this information, your relationship matters to you. Invest some time, and, yes, even some hard work and you can make a change, a change that will reward you for many years to come.

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A lot of our life goals and dreams have come true and they may not have if you hadn’t taken the time to help us realize the gift we have in each other.

~ Katie and Darrell

Couples Relationship Coaching


Working together with couples, our job is to help you both construct a custom-designed plan to help manage your marriage or relationship.

We have a unique toolbox with different tools and processes that we have developed, and use that toolbox to help couples make the changes needed to develop and improve their relationship.

The ideal coaching occurs over a 12-week period and includes homework, new information and building skills that help both partners be accountable for the positive changes in themselves and in their marriage or relationship.

Providing an alternative or supplement to marriage counseling, our role is to teach her clients the skills and develop motivation to incorporate those skills into your daily life. By supplying you with new information, skills, and “homework”, we will help you improve your relationship to become a long-lasting one, built on mutual respect, and admiration.

Individual Coaching


Sometimes Individual coaching is needed with clients. For example, if you are single and would like relationship coaching for a possible future relationship, you may want one-on-one coaching. Sometimes the trust between you and your mate may have lessened to the point where one or both of you feels safer to express your feelings in a private session first before participating in a couples’ session. This is when people will choose to start with individual coaching before beginning couples coaching. Until the trust between you is rebuilt, this type of coaching is not uncommon, nor is it inappropriate.


Phone or Zoom Relationship Coaching


If a face-to-face coaching session is not feasible, you may opt for a phone coaching session or a Zoom session. These are offered as a ½ hour session or hour session. All the same skills and concepts that are taught in person are taught through Zoom and phone coaching.

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Cupid can’t hold an arrow next to you! We were once told money can’t buy you happiness; this was the best money ever spent and we are happier than ever.

~ Matt and Alison

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