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Our Mission:

We foster long-lasting community among change makers, high performers, and heart-centered entrepreneurs who want to experience the world while unlocking their inner potential.

About our Travelers:

Our travelers comprise a diverse community of women and men from around the globe. They love exploration, community, personal development, cultural immersion, play, and impromptu dance parties. They thrive on authentic conversation, aren’t afraid of a challenge, and crave new experiences that fill them with wonder, joy and delight.

This is what we're all about on our adventures:


Rediscover your personal potential as you leave your comfort zone behind.


Leave superficiality at home as you authentically connect with fellow travelers and the world around you.


Create your travel family and a network of people who will support you long after your trip is over.


Travel sparks creativity, cultivates joy, reconnects us to our sense of adventure, and helps us get unstuck.

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