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A Road Map to Reclaiming Your Authentic Self.

The height that a man or woman can take their success is dictated by their self-mastery. Self-mastery; a discipline around learning, self actualization, and personal growth. High levels of self-mastery are always focused on expanding their own abilities to create extraordinary results in their lives. Self-mastery is not about perfection, and it’s not about the destination. It’s about your growth on your journey.

Becoming a master is someone who stays on that path day after day, month after month, and year after year. A master is not afraid of failure. A Master grows and learns from their setbacks and just keeps on trying. Personal mastery requires that we choose. Making a choice in and by itself is actually a courageous act. Your destiny is shaped when you make a decision. Mastery includes mastery over your thoughts. Mastery comes much easier if you love what you do, and then it requires the discipline to practice, to stay focused, to visualize the ultimate outcome you trying to achieve, and to get outside your comfort zone and take risks. When we achieve self-mastery in a particular area of our lives we get into the flow. That amazing place where everything happens easily and with very little conscious effort. Self-mastery requires courage, honesty, strength, and willpower. It tests our integrity and our character and requires us to sometimes do things we don’t feel like doing but know we should be doing. Leonardo da Vinci said, one can have no smaller or greater mastery than mastery of oneself. Socrates said a life unexamined is a life not worth living. And Aristotle said knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom. All three of these brilliant men said basically the same thing. Study your life and work on mastering your life. A master is constantly learning and growing. A master is typically a student more than a teacher.


Calm your Consciousness: The Key to Transcendence.

Consciousness awakens, the stormy war with oneself ends. You become whole as the wounded and traumatized child within heals opening your heart to the joyful innocence of a happy child. You meet the most estranged person of your life, which is yourself.

Calm is not a mere absence of stress or agitation. It is a state of being centered and connected to oneself. You are a peaceful warrior capable of conquering any kind of challenge because you transcend past failures and disappointments. You are filled with calm courage.

At the level of calm consciousness, the teachings and processes work at the core that activates fight-flight response and also the parasympathetic system that is hardwired for natural relaxation. The journey leads one to achieve the calm that you so desperately need in this world filled with too many choices and relentlessly overbooked schedules.


Master Conscious Love.

When you awaken to Connected Consciousness, you come across a state of love like never before. You solve the biggest enigma of life, which is to find a balance between work and family, between achievement and love. From a state of love, you create fulfilling and enduring relationships. You engage in spiritual parenting, fostering your children to build great destinies. You live as a heart-full partner and an awakened parent.

At the level of connected consciousness, the teachings and processes aim to decrease activity leading to less emotional turmoil and mind chatter. It is said to lead one to a sense of expansion and losing one’s individuality into something larger. This activation in brain centers opens you to an experience of going beyond yourself and connecting to the other.


Transform your Conscious Wealth and Lead.

When you awaken to Creative Consciousness, your relationship to wealth and success undergoes a magical transformation. You begin to access intuitive intelligence that is beyond the limiting purview of the mind to find solutions to complex life situations.

You are freed of limiting and binding energy impressions from your past that hinder syncronicities and abundance from flowing into your life. You emerge into a Conscious wealth creator and a leader capable of leading organizations and communities towards an extraordinary future. Your powerful actions create an impact on the web of life.

At the level of Creative Consciousness, the teachings and processes are aimed to work on

(1) the executive attention network is necessary to achieve laser beam-like focus for complex problem solving; 
(2) the imagination network that lights up your creative potential; and 
(3) the salient network that makes intelligent choices based on what is most important for the situation on hand.


An Inner Journey Leading to Outer Abundance.

A radically life transforming and magical journey into Abundance, Transformation, Transcendence and Oneness.

Mastery of Abundant Conscious Transformation is a unique coming together of the Power of Source or Divine and the Power of One Consciousness. The mystical processes, wisdom principals and practical tools that are offered open our consciousness to greater transformation.

(1) Journey Into Abundance
You awaken to wealth consciousness and become a Conscious Creator, manifesting synchronicities, creating wealth and enjoying every aspect of abundance.

(2) Journey Into Transformation
You become a Change Maker, transforming your relationships and manifesting great leadership. Your presence acquires the power to heal and transform the lives of others and you impact the web of life.

(3) Journey Into Transcendence
You become a Mystic. Transcending suffering you see through the illusion of separation.

(4) Journey Into Oneness
You become a Philosopher Teacher established in a state of Oneness with all life. Equipped with wisdom and living in One Consciousness, you become a guiding light for the world.

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