Relationship Coach, Katie Kamara of Washington, D.C. offers telephone,  Zoom relationship coaching sessions in addition to ‘Face to Face” coaching.

Typical Relationship Coaching programs are 12 weeks in length, however we do offer monthly and weekly sessions.

Research has shown that for positive behaviors to occur and become a lifestyle change takes at least 12 weeks. During our first meeting, we will discuss and decide the ideal number of sessions that will suit your unique situation.

Working together with couples, Katie’s job is to help you both construct a custom-designed plan to help manage your marriage or relationship.

Katie has a unique toolbox with different tools and processes she has developed whilst being a Coach, and uses that toolbox to help couples make the changes needed to develop and improve their relationships.


  • Couples Relationship Coaching

  • Individual Coaching

  • Phone or Skype Relationship Coaching

  • Family Relationship Coaching

Whether it is with a spouse, partner, or even a family member… Relationship Coaching will make a difference in your life..

All coaching sessions can be paid by the session each week, or you can save on the fees with the Relationship Coaching Packages.

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Reach out and book a 15 minute "Can Coaching Help Me" call with Katie via phone at 202-227-7566 or click the button below to send her an email. She will answer any questions you have and help you get started on the path to long lasting relationships.