You are your Greatest Cheerleader!

Let me make something really clear, there will be many conceits on this blog that will really challenge your way of thinking. It will go far beyond what is surface and some things will really force you to look at yourself. One thing though that I always encourage is that you should always speak from a you perspective. Do not generalize and say basic statements like All men are like this or all women are like this or all people are bad or any other statement that is a generalization of any kind. You have to go beyond the surface of what you have seen and consider that there’s more to life than all people just being one way. Maybe, just maybe it’s YOU that’s one way and you keep attracting the same ole thing, and you will not find the love of your life until you realize that the love of your life is in the mirror. You have to love yourself more than anyone before you begin to look for a relationship. Love yourself and honor yourself before you add someone else to the equation Mirror work people…..mirror work.

The love and healing you seek is within you. Actually all things that you keep searching for outside of you is within yourself. You must learn how to find within and find your inner power and pull out your divinity. Anyone can say anything about you, good or bad and neither should phase you. Why? You must have your personal belief and mantra for yourself in order to withstand public opinion. Truly what someone thinks of you isn’t any of your business. That frame of mind you really don’t need. You are your greatest cheerleader.

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