If I spend all my energy trying to prove to you that you’re worthy and you spend all your energy resisting your worthiness, then what do you think will happen?

We waste energy on convincing people soooooooooo much. I’m gonna spend my energy loving myself. Pouring energy in all facets of me is the best thing that could happen to you because the light and peace inside of me is what I will see in you. When I am on discord with my highest self then I see only discord and mess in you. WE as a collective NEED to be focused on being happy individuals. One happy individual + One happy individual = An amazing couple. Simple mathematics.

But really, the awesome thing about self work is that when the relationship starts to get messy you FIRST look for the issue inside of YOURSELF and then you seek to rectify YOURSELF. If both parties can do this, there will only be expansion and discovery of that much more love.

I’m saying, I learn this stuff the hard messy way but I did learn it.

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