Why do people fear death more than eternal life? What can we do to inherit it?

Why do people fear death more than eternal life? What can we do to inherit it? and What is it's true Purpose?

In eternity, there is no identity.

In an eternal afterlife, you would either;

1) continue to change and evolve or

2) remain static.

In the first case, we must assume that you will continue to change for infinite time. This means that you will make all conceivable changes. Is there any given thing that defines your identity? That will change. Eternity will erase it. It will erase everything. There will eventually be no distinction between you and anything else.

In the second case, all changes are frozen. But part of your Self, part of your identity is the possibility of and will to change. That has been removed. A person is a changing, dynamic thing. You are not a person any more. You are a snapshot of a person. For eternity. You will not change. This is much like being dead, except you have to watch your own corpse forever.

If you have an identity, if you are anything at all then it is the finite, limited nature of your existence that provides a context. In the context of infinity, all distinctions are ultimately lost.

Is there more to it than that? Perhaps. We may understand Being and Nothingness in different, surprising ways in the cognitive future. But I think you're right on target to be freaked out by Eternity.

It is a fate worse than death.

So, what can we do to inherit it?

You have already inherited eternity, it's your natural prerogative. First try to understand that present life you have is the greatest gift, appreciate it - this body is the ‘gate’ to eternity. How? Only very few humans can think abstract or more to get the point.

Here is the starter:

You are eternal souls but only foolishly you think you're human - civilization you live in brainwashed you since baby… When you learn science of self-realization you will know & feel it.

Simple isn't it? You had infant body, childish…youthful…these were reincarnated forms. Inside of the body is you…. but being fooled by external objects etc… you identify with body. Death is not the end, only body will drop out, but you won't, you will come out in subtle form.

NDE's prove it, but most modern humans are lazy and trust blindly in science which promises great future. Reincarnation is a every minute, ongoing process, and you are active “driver” but since you've lost your spiritual vision, you think only of short, material goals. It doesn't require much…. Once you “click” then you can progress further.

So let's rephrase: in order to be eternal you must think, learn and follow practical instruction which keep you in the eternal mood. Since you're eternal spark of God, then your eternity is your prerogative, BUT because you decided to explore dark areas of universe where almost all humans had forgotten immortality so here you are:

Born in human flesh, memory of the past is lost, mainstream trends push you to enjoy life… time flies, you might get some pleasures, but old age & death finally ruin your plans.

What is it's true Purpose?

Perhaps we mean to ask, what is the purpose of the story of eternal life? Life is a form of energy and like all forms of energy, is temporary. Energy is eternal but forms are not. So we must restrict our inquiry to examining the purpose this story serves. Is it not self evident? We are animals with brains and we need to pay attention or perish. Only a living body needs to pay attention; dead bodies do not need to pay attention, nor can they generate any energy to power that function. But while we are alive, one of the many processes involved with life is the wish to continue to live. That wish exists in all animals, even cockroaches. But we humans are a bit more than just animals; we are storytellers. We concoct stories, some founded on wishful thinking, and one version of wishful thinking is everlasting life, even though that is not possible.

What is the purpose of us talking to ourselves internally? If you can devote even just one day to relentless self observation with a particular emphasis on listening to your internal dialogue, you may hear just how much (almost all) of it is to calm down your excitement and anxiety regarding your being alive. Being alive means we are constantly at risk for harm, pain, loss, and death. We know all this; how could we not be anxious; we ought not to be so surprised by the statistics of how many people take anti-anxiety meds and who self medicate one way or another. So the purpose (to address the real question) of the story of eternal life is to calm ourselves down, to reduce the anxiety we all feel, thanks to our knowing our future.

Looking at it from a different angle; then again I’m not sure there is a purpose to eternal life. From the point of our creation on forward, the “soular” part of ourselves are already eternal. Souls are not life forms (life forms die). Souls are pure energy and you can think of souls as intelligent light. In other words, souls are eternal by nature of their composition. Since we are all interconnected to some kind of central intelligent force, God experiences existence through us.

There's many ways to think about this topic.

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