What the Hell are you Scared of?

I’ve never ever been a girl with game or understood when people told me that I needed to play a game with a dude in order to be loved. WHAT?

FOOLISHNESSS!!! Here’s my take on this, if I like you I’m gonna tell you. It make take me a while, I’m gonna giggle and be nervous about it and I expect you to just be real about how you feel about me. Do not test me or play a game or see how I respond to your defense mechanisms. Nah man…..if I like you, and you like me, then let’s make plans to hang out, get to know each other better and then eventually move towards something that we mutually agree upon. That’s it!!!! I cannot take these games that people play just to avoid FEELING FULLY! Love is a risk. If acted upon properly, you’ll win or lose. If you don’t die, then you get a chance to try again.

However in love, I wonder why transparency is not cool? I am wondering why so many people straight hide and LIE about certain aspects of their lives JUST to be accepted. I’m talking about in the dating world. If we are going to get intimate then at some point all of our stuff is going to come to light, right? Listen, we all have shady and shadowy aspects of our lives that may embarrass us or make us ashamed of our past, it happens. If someone really wants to be with you they will work with you through all of your stinky ways or they may not be in a place to deal with it. But either way give the person the option to choose YOU, all of you and not your representative. The person that’s gonna love you, is gonna love you for you, no strings attached. Period.


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