What's your Attitude to Others?

In paying attention to how many people operate, that would chase and bend over backwards for the person who is difficult, mysterious, cold and even manipulative but the person who shows you themselves, open, honest, wounds, scars, flaws but genuine and loving is looked at with skepticism. I kid you not the world has people praising the walls and mechanism to defend oneself vs being vulnerable and building together.

There’s nothing cool about dissing someone who loves you with their whole heart and soul. There’s nothing cool about hurting someone who loved you with their everything. There’s nothing cool about not healing yourself enough to accept that you are good enough to fight for and have a love that sets your soul on fire.

I find it appalling that people hurt people who show them real love and over standing but then cry over the fact that they keep meeting assholes. Appreciate the good people in your life who love you as you are. Many are so used to wolves that when sheep show up, you are still looking for their teeth and claws.

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