What's Wrong with this Picture??

So one photo can bring out the LOVE in a lot of you and I like that. It also brings out the insecurities in others. Here’s how I know people are super insecure. You see a picture that’s not what you like with two human beings in it but the only thing that you could do is come up with something negative to say? People literally like to take the time and energy to write or say something negative about two human beings. People take the time to write or speak about how nasty or how gross it is for this human being to be showing her skin and get rolls, how dare her? How dare her be loved? How dare a fine man love this woman?

It’s pathetic and truly sad how many of us box love into this neat little arrangement to suit your small scope. However the reality is that men will love women who own her self and holds herself in high esteem. For people to go out of their way to pull someone down is mean spirited but it also shows that you have no sense of self love because you would not hate on something so beautiful whether you think it’s real or not. They themselves wouldn’t know reality of love because you don’t love yourself. The insecurity shines in the comment or what is spoken of, not those who just rolled by in silence.

For people to discuss weight and what her rolls mean. That’s between her and her God. Her weight is not for you to critique. I dare half of everyone whom writes or speaks negative of her to be naked like that, emotionally naked. Take life as it comes. Live and let live. Don’t impose your unwanted, mean, insecure, weak opinions in others be side you don’t love yourself. It’s really unacceptable and demeaning. Really get your life and explore why you feel so threatened by one photograph that you feel the need to lash out.

For those of us who feel this love and resonate with it, the best thing to do is send those people love and wish them the best. They need the kindness and positivity because their world cannot take love in all forms. That is truly unfortunate for people in society to think this way, im appalled.

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