What is it like to have very strong intuition?

It's double-edged sword. There are good sides and bad sides.

Good: It helps in both work and social situations. I definitely rely on it as a mental health professional. It is often useful as a parent and as a spouse. Sometimes my intuition is so spot-on, that it is like a surprise gift, and can even make me laugh on occasion.

Bad: I have limited control of it. Sometimes, I really want it, but it is not there (or too general or vague). Sometimes, I had no interest in being intuitive, but something bad is happening nearby, and I pick up all that negative energy, without being able to do anything about it.

Having a strong intuition has its very heavy pros and cons. Whichever outweighs each other, that's entirely subjective and built to interpretation.


- Your “gut feeling" is often always right. It's as if God himself is whispering to you all the answers on the exam paper. You sometimes have no idea how you derive to such a wild conclusion, but it turns out to be dead-eye accurate. “Your intuition is your subconsciousness working too fast for your consciousness to comprehend.”

- You see a fan of possibilities. Using your intuition extensively and intensively allows you to see a vast amount of outcomes stack among each other. You're able to see future-order-consequences and you're able to make accurate, informed decisions, avoiding many mishaps. It's like you're reading into the future.

- You're likely to be extensively intelligent. On the Jungian-type spectrum, the top-half of the giftedness table are all Intuitive types, and among the gifted (IQ 130+), 70.72% of all males and 76.25% of all females are Intuitive.

- Your imagination takes you places. Imagination is something that many people lose throughout late-childhood. However, highly intuitive people retain it because their imagination is their main thinking-driving force and serves to be incredibly useful. Imagination paints the world in color.

- You seem to find incredibly hidden connections, patterns, and invisible meanings, everywhere. It's as if there is always a hidden purpose or agenda stuck in every crevice you seem to come across. You find yourself easily deducing and deriving pieces of information from there. You're always reading in-between the lines in which nobody can seem to see and more connections can be drawn, reinforcing your conclusions. You seem to be able to view things at angles other people can't seem to.


- You'll come off as overthinking or delusional. Because you're able to see things that other's can't or don't comprehend, they'll frequently doubt you. It's common thinking where one reviews their own perceptions against another — in the case that they don't match or coincide, they'll naturally take the side of their own perception and therefore, will write you off.

- You may develop a vast array of phobias. Seeing future-order-consequences and potential threats don't just make you aware — you learn to fully comprehend danger and its potential consequences, possibly leading to many fears eg. envisioning the possibilities of drowning and understanding its causes will lead to aqua phobia.

- You're not easily understood (ranging to being highly misunderstood). This is a common problem among highly intuitive people, correlated with high-IQ individuals. Your communication greatly differs from the average, allowing you to understand incredibly abstract ideas which others can't, thus intellectual wavelengths vastly differ. There is not much mutual grounding, leading to either misinterpretation or incomprehension.

- You sometimes do overthink. Completely unrelated to the first point (because the first refers to a difference in insight) but more towards the second, highly intuitive people tend to flood their mind with information. It can be too much to internalize and keep up with, leading to incredibly messy thoughts and to an extent — major inaccuracy. All things must be kept in moderation. Over complication kills.

- You develop many metaphysical problems. Contrary to popular belief — Intuition doesn't simply solve problems, it introduces new ones or even redevelops current ones. You'll tend to contemplate many things not common to others and may fall into existentialist, Machiavellian, or even nihilistic crisis(es). You're most likely going to muddle through this alone because the people around you won't be able to help you with problems they don't know even exist.

Having a very strong intuition feels like your mind has a background processor that's constantly running. Your mind is always working behind the scenes and you're either subconsciously absorbing information or building onto a much larger superstructure in your mind.

Intuition often acts like a 6th sense — it's much like a real-life cheat code scripted into your mind that's constantly telling you things that you would've otherwise missed. It's like a second net that is, dragging behind your first, always catching things you fail to.

Having a strong intuition feels like there's a much deeper extension of your mind — heavily concealed and to some extent — even labyrinthine and unknown to you.

It often remains as a dark, peerless void in which unknown conclusions come from — you tend to question how you derive at such answers and you often find your logical sense battling it. You begin to lose out to your own thoughts and you begin questioning yourself.

And this deep intuition of yours almost seems like it's another separate entity from you altogether. It's forever telling you that you're wrong and whenever you refuse to listen to it, it eventually emerges on top.

It then plasters on a smirk and in its smug tone, always mocks, “I told you so.”

A strong intuition may eventually manifest into an entity that seems to tell you what to do and what will happen, often without telling you why.

It'll act as the devil's advocate to your initial thoughts, as well as your guardian angel who waves red banners in front of your face.

Having a strong intuition is the very personification of another deeper, wiser voice, that you'll never seem to understand or fully know, always opposing and nagging at you, but always for your benefit and holds your best interests at heart.

Your intuition is often a paradox; your greatest friend and your worst nightmare.

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