What Do You Deserve?

What do you deserve is a question I pose to all of my readers. Asking what do you want is great but you can want it, but if you don’t feel like you deserve it then you won’t put in the work for it. Deserve means to be worthy of. Lets look at that for a moment…. TO BE WORTHY OF!!!! You as a human being is worthy of everything in this world. You are a worthy of having everything that you deserve AND more. However, it won’t fall into your lap because you say you are worthy. You have to work for those things. The truth is in order to have the things you want, even if you think you are deserving it does take work.

Now, here’s an example. A young person for instance, who worked hard all throughout school. Their grades were great, attendance was perfect and the relationship with the teachers was well formed. This person was worthy of the rewards of a successful academic career. However, due to a lack of motivation towards academics and more of drive towards romance, what they once deserved was taken away. This person chose the path that they thought was the correct one but in the end due to lack of work in both academic and romantic endeavors that person became unworthy and eventually lost both things.

It takes a considerable amount of maintenance to keep the things that we are deserving of and the desire for some of those things will eventually fade, we let them go and work towards a different set of goals. I often hear people say that they deserve success…love…marriage… family… happiness…etc…etc… I am in no position to say who is deserving of what. However, I do know that if you prove to be unworthy all of those things that you think you deserve will indeed fade away or never manifest themselves in your life.

Naturally we say, we want success, but do you deserve it? Are you worthy of it? Well are you putting in the work for it? You cannot possibly be worthy  of success if you are not putting in the work to be successful. Ask yourself, am I getting up early enough to make it to work on time? Am I showing my boss that I am worthy of keeping my job by being on time? Once I am at work, am I a working on my tasks consistently? Am I finishing my tasks on time? Am I doing impeccable work. Be honest with yourself and see if you deserve your job…are you worthy of your job? This maybe tough to answer but you must be honest with yourself to see why your life doesn’t work.

Your life can be full of worth and deserving of great things but YOU have to be focused on what it is you need to do. You can have love, you can have happiness, you can have all the success but there are things that you need to put in place in order to make sure that you get the things that you deserve. You cannot possibly say that you want success and you go to sleep at three and wake up at noon.  You cannot possible say that you want a great job but you are unsuccessful and grumpy with the one that you have. You cannot possibly want wealth if you have the same old routine and dealing with the same people. You cannot want love but you have no self love. You cannot expect to have happiness if you are holding on to gloom. It just cannot and will not work.

Life is beautiful and it can be the greatest thing if you make it. Organize your life in a way that will make you worthy. Worthiness does not just come because you say, you MUST work for it and then and only then will you receive everything that you deserve. It takes work, but once you begin to do the work and put all the steps into play, it will be second nature and it will all fall into place. It is all in your word though…all in your word.


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