We All Need Somebody

Ok now let’s get Real Serious:

There’s nothing noble about “Not giving a F$&@” nothing! The person who you think is all hard and tough because they seem like they are tough is actually hurt, broken and pained on the inside.

Nonchalance is one thing but nonchalance after going through a painful event is a refusal to face what’s really going on within yourself. Being emotionally thugged out actually prevents you from exploring your feelings and being in touch with the awesome person that you could be. This behavior is usually common among people who were once very emotional and went through something(s) that hardened them prematurely and unexpectedly. That also means that that never truly dealt with their trauma. If you want to be POWERFUL and really be an emotional powerhouse you will be able to feel ALL the emotions coming your way, deal with them by being with them, not making yourself wrong and embracing your reaction. “Not giving a F$&@” actually means that you very much do care but you’re too scarred/angry/jaded to get to the bottom of how you truly feel. That leaves you very powerless and actually dangerous to yourself and others because you’re now incapable of identifying how to operate under pressure. You will either be alone for most of your life, develop an addiction to something negative or be driven by everything expect your spiritual core.

Allow yourself to feel. That’s your gauge on how much you’re living vs just being here. Be responsible for your emotions by feeling them. Emotional thuggery is really unhealthy.

So many people die a slow death of hurt and pain because they are too prideful to ask for support. Do not be an emotional thug…it’s a burden. Do not save face because you don’t want to look bad or think you will be a burden. WE ALL NEED SOMEBODY. No one is so strong that they do not crumble. Stop crumbling alone, in your bed, crying yourself to sleep talking about “Jesus is my husband.” STOP IT!!! Let your community help you.

Let your people support you and give you love and light. You are not an emotional gangsta, no one is and you need support. Lean on your peeps!!

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