Love is what you are!

I have been reluctant to write for I was concerned if it was the “right” thing to say. Have you ever felt this way? Your voice is always important, and each moment if you are feeling something, wanting to express, let it flow out, for just those words may be the exact ones someone needs to be uplifted that day. Even as you let it flow, you may never know who you touch and how deeply you do. Along my journey, I opened up, I smiled at people. I sparked conversation. I saw the light in their eyes and I was blessed by witnessing and participating in this. YOU are the one who truly can feel the love in your heart, as in true love, pure love flowing, there is no judgment. Everything just IS and is SO beautifully. I encourage you to do something today to nurture you.  Then whenever you desire, share your insight. This is what we are here for, to share of our hearts in our own unique arts, and through our specific experiences, we receive to give back to each other. I love you! Remember, you are always so loved.

Each moment is in perfection. Always stay connected to love by bringing that intention and focus into your interaction and expression within every moment. and if at any time, you feel you haven’t done that, you can always make another choice instantly. returning to love, yet knowing you have never left. Love is what you are.

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