Valentines Day


Now, I know it’s not Valentine’s Day, but in thinking of the flow of love on this day, people come on, it is just a day and should be celebrated everyday!!! Not having a Valentine will NOT kill you. There are many people with Valentine sweethearts who are absolutely miserable. Okay, so what do we do here for all the broken hearts? Let’s create : )

First, the love that you seek is within YOU. You must look inside of your beautiful self and see a being who is absolutely worthy of love. You do this by feeding yourself daily affirmations.

I am perfect. I am whole. I am complete. I am worthy. I am deserving. I am Love.

You really want to get very clear that these things are true about you DESPITE what your past says. Your past could have damaged you, perhaps even traumatized many of you but your past is just that, the past. Here we are, in the present, which is the best gift of all. You have the opportunity to create a love that is abundant, long lasting, and beautiful and that will survive past one flimsy Valentine day. Get present to the idea that VDAY is a commercial holiday. It means only what you make it mean. What good is VDAY without the other 365 days (Leap year) being filled with absolute love and happiness?

We attract those on the same wavelength as us. So for all of you people who keep saying that you are finding these terrible dates, I am going to encourage you to look within yourself and see what it is about YOU that keeps attracting the same people over and over again. You must raise your vibration and change your thought process in order to attract who you truly want. However, in addition to attracting the right man/woman you must be clear that your life is ready to receive them. Is your space clear and clutter free? Are you in alignment with your higher self? Have you been praying and meditating? Are you taking care of your temple which includes you mind, body and spirit? Are you diligently working on your elevation? All of these things matter tremendously but NOTHING is more important that self work. Self work is what will make EVERYTHING in your life work or not work.

Consider that you can easily attract a valentine, sure. However, what are you committed to? Short term satisfaction or long term love. Long term love takes work, however if done correctly long term love can produce the most euphoric, delicious, wonderful love that can feel like St. Valentine’s Day every single day. Check your thoughts. Observe your behavior. What more self work could you be doing? Do NOT obsess over finding love, it will find you at the appropriate time. In the meantime, work on yourself and constantly find ways to elevate yourself. Life is good and it’s so much sweeter with love. There is no greater love than self love, once you have that, you can be in the most fulfilling relationship of your life.

Find your Valentine and celebrate it every day. That my people is LOVE!

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