Unconditional Love

Unconditional love is for everyone. That means I will send you best wishes, good vibes, apologize if I offend you, and keep you in my highest thoughts. But let me tell you something, it won’t save someone from catching my sharp tongue of you disrespect or dishonor me or my loved ones. When you feel like you can be reckless and say whatever you want because you THINK I won’t give you the business then you have the wrong one. Being a pillar means that in all instances I will do my very best. Sometimes my best at that moment is to tell you about yourself and if it so happens to cut you deeply just keep in mind that there is balance in everything. While I am a super positive and shining face I’m also a LIONESS and I will protect those I love fiercely. So for those of you ask me how I manage to be so positive all the time, ha ha I’m positive but I also take no shit. I have a ton of patience too so I always give people a lot of space to be heard and recant their due spectrum statements or apologize. When you’ve pushed me too far for too long then you’ll get the other side of me. Love everyone all the time for no reason but take no one’s mess for any reason whatsoever. Just because you have to check someone it doesn’t mean that you’re wasting energy. Saying what you have to say will get you to release that spirit of rage and not hold it. This doesn’t mean you need to be mean or callous. But that means that this person needs to know that saying the wrong thing to you isn’t okay. Maybe they will hear you or maybe they won’t but as long as you tell them what you have to say responsibility then your part is over.

Everyone has balance in them so watch out for the peaceful ones…. Still waters run deep.

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