True Love

You truly know that you LOVE someone, REALLY love someone when you want to get CLOSE to him/her but even CLOSE doesn’t do it justice. You want to snuggle into the corners of his/her being EVERYWHERE, inside and outside. You want to meld and mold yourself within the crevices of the pieces of him/her so that you become each other so intimately you can’t tell where he/she ends and you begin…as your eyes glance upon his form, you see the light beaming from his/her presence yet you also recognize it as a mirror for your own, the more you share with him/her, the more light you see emanating from him/her, the more love you feel bursting within your heart, the more you want to be inside to paint pictures of your love there… mmm, this could go on and on and on…

You find yourself and lose yourself all at the same time by just feeling the love of him/her, with him/her and for him/her. Every piece of hair out of place is in the perfect place, every habit, every gesture, everything that makes him/her who he/she is IS perfect, just right, and so beautiful! You want to give, to give some more and to keep on giving as you become inspired to creative ways of expressing, sharing and being in love with him/her, just as you want to share it all with the world!!! YES, LOVE… is beautiful, so cherish it from the bottom of your soul and never take it for granted.

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