To Love or Be Truthful?

If every time you are faced with the option to be loved or to tell the truth, which would you choose? What if I told you that telling the truth is the access to having REAL love? The moment you decide to lie, hold back and suppress any part of yourself because you fear you will not be loved, then you’ve already began digging your ditch to being someone other than yourself. The more you mask yourself is the more you lose who you are and really who is the other person loving? Who is that? I can say that pretending to be something other than me is so tiring but also needing to pretend because I don’t want to be loved any less almost seemed to be worth it. Booooo! No version of anything I just said is inspiring. You want someone who will love the most raggedy, rough, unpolished, raw and uncut version of YOU. Be you…be you….be you…be you…don’t be afraid to be you! YOU are wonderfully made and there’s nothing more to say about that.

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