Three Basic Elements for the Perfect Life Ambition!

Everywhere you see, there’s stuff going on about dreams. The woman you like wishes to study in Cambridge, the guy down the street wants to create a rocket company and send artificial donkeys to test life on Mars, and Uncle John wants to create the world’s leading company of underpants!But how many of us really get there? Why is it that so many people dream every day, yet so less of them ever get to practically follow their dreams to success?To answer these questions, I have written down 3 basic yet EXTREMELY important elements that every successful life ambition has.

A plan

In my personal opinion, 90% of people do not have any plan for how they are going to follow and achieve their dreams. They could be sitting in front of you and talking passionately about becoming a great novelist, but when you ask them how they are going to make it happen, they have no idea about that.

Movies will tell you that everyone can follow and achieve their dreams if they work hard, but that’s bullshit!

Only those are able to conquer their life ambitions who draft a practical path, create a plan, and follow it. They know what the steps are and this helps them focus their energies into working on the tasks at hand.When you have a plan, your efforts are synchronized towards following it. When I initially began writing, I had no plan at all. I wrote whatever came to my mind and whatever satisfied me.This ended up wasting a lot of my time as my efforts were scattered all over the place; short stories, novels, articles, listicles, and genres ranging from romance to spirituality.You need to put in the required research on how your dream is supposed to work. Use your old pal Google (for positive reasons once in a while) and conduct some case studies i.e. how was a particular person able to succeed in following the exact same dream that you have.There is always a proven path to success; find that path and follow it! If your plan doesn’t work, go back to the drafting table and come up with a new one. This is a hit-and-trial process and as much as I would love to tell you that a plan just comes along the way; it usually doesn’t!

Support system

Element number 2 for achieving your life ambition is to have a support system. When I tell this to people, I am usually met with the following reaction, “I am a strong and independent man/woman who needs nobo-” Just shut up!You may think that you need nobody; that you can create an empire on your own. You’ll find so many examples of “self-made” men and women but only if you use that almond-brain of yours and read a little more extensively into every successful person’s life, you will find that they had SOMEONE to lean on.

No matter what accomplishments you make, somebody helps you. -Wilma Rudolph

Bill Gates didn’t create Microsoft alone, he had Paul Allen. Mike Tyson, one of the greatest and controversial boxers of the modern era, would have been smoking crack in an alley if it weren’t for his manager and foster father. Wilma Rudolph, a sprinter who held the Olympics world-record for a long time, had her mother for support.You can’t do it all alone. You need your family, friends, spouse, children, business partner; SOMEONE to at least believe in you. Because this belief is important. It will fuel you when you inevitably come to the point where you feel like you’re done with life and your ambition; when it feels like following your dream is no longer a viable option. Everybody faces such low points in their life, but only those are able to conquer it who have a shoulder to lean on.The only way you can do that is to confide your hopes, dreams, and ambitions in the people that you trust.I know the feeling of having to hide your ambitions; fearing that people will laugh at you for dreaming big; for dreaming something that they could never achieve! It makes you want to coop up into a ball and work silently. But having the support of a select few people can help you remain true to your goal while keeping your sanity intact.


Like those cookies that you’ve stashed in your cupboard; I’ve saved the best one for last! This is what I call the “Dream Authenticity Tester” because it shows just how much you really want to achieve your ambitions.Now, this might come off as super rude (and I hope it does because that’s the whole point of it), but a lot of people are fake when it comes to their dreams. They are liars; nothing more than phonies who are acting like they want something. But in reality, they aren’t willing to put in the required effort to follow their dreams.When we have a dream, we are usually in love with the end product. A lot of people wish to become actors and are fascinated with the idea. But practically, they aren’t willing to take initiative and follow their dream because the dream has no basis. It is just a thought; it is their love for the destination and not the path itself.

Learn the difference between actually wanting to become something and being fascinated with the idea.

If you have a dream but are always finding reasons to postpone your initiative to follow it, then I’m sorry but your dream sucks!Be true to yourself and your ambition and learn how to follow it. It is certainly a long way to success and it takes a lot of courage and perseverance to continue working for your dream; but I want you to Know That You Can; that is the first step to success.

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