Thirteen Of The Greatest & Deep Seated Secrets of Life

The greatest & deep seated secret of life, is that we do not know anything in advance about our birth, life, death & after death.We are belittled in this extraordinary Magnificent Universe with billions of complexities & varying situations & transformations.

(1) Our birth, life & death are deep secrets of life, even when we are exposed. Our origin, purpose of life & death are shrouded in mystery.

(2) Our past life before birth & future life are hidden secrets of life.

(3) Duality is the basis for existence, but why it is so, is the secret of life. Birth/Death, Male/Female, Happiness/Sorrow, Day/Night, Success/Failure, etc are few examples to prove that one cannot exist without the other or they are compliment to each other.

(4) Sense perceptions cannot reveal the hidden worlds & true nature around us. We can see the world only to the extent of our eyesight. We cannot here sounds of certain frequencies or wave length. We cannot smell, taste or touch beyond their inherent capabilities. We cannot visualize or receive harmful electromagnetic waves, which are prevented in nature, from reaching us. Our whole perception of life is limited to our tools of perception. These are the basic tenets & secrets of life.

(5) Our “Unconscious Mind” stores enormous amount of “Karmic or Destiny” factors, which cannot be unfolded, but the results start flowing at predetermined time & place, well known to nature. This is analogous to the contents at the bottom of the sea.

(6) “Subconscious Mind” holds secrets of all reactions of “Conscious Mind”, but can be recalled by conscious mind with limitations imposed by power of our memories.

(7) We cannot assume that we know the minds of others, which is a near impossibility & a guarded secret of each person. What we know about other’s mind is simply a fragment of the full mind, subject to our exposures & reaction of that person. If every person knows fully about every other person’s mind fully, it will lead to catastrophe, quarrels, misunderstanding, disturbance of private life, confusion & chaos in life, disturbing the harmonious life. The nature wants to maintain individuality, confidentiality & unique identity of each. The principle of unity in diversity, bringing about individual consciousness is law of nature. This is ensured by limiting the sense perceptions to a smaller level just sufficient to serve the purpose of man in his environment.

Just imagine what will have happen if everything can be seen,everything can be heard,everything can be smelled, tasted or touched & all electromagnetic radiations are received in the entire Universe!?

(8) Our life is at the mercy of bacteria's. Our life will be extinct without bacteria's in action. There are billions & billions of bacteria's working round the clock without rest. These are found everywhere around us,in hills, under the sea, fossils, anywhere & everywhere. It is comparable to billions & billions of active galaxies & stars in the Universe.

The secret of our life lies in the “Asexual” cell divisions of bacteria's multiplying continuously with varied work load specifications, either for good or bad, as implied by duality. Complete “Good or Bad” is not in the scheme of nature. Hence there are helpful bacteria's & harmful bacteria's, as the situation holds control & follows our destiny factor.

(9) Origin of our ancestors is a nature’s secret. The starting & ending of any dynasty is a closely guarded secret of nature.

(10) Secret of your personal problem should not be shared with all. Be aware of your true friend or relative, who is genuinely interested & sure to maintain your confidentiality & ever ready in resolving or giving a helping hand. All issues may not be resolved by any one person for more reasons than one, whatever may be the intimacy or contact.

You do not know or guess, who is really interested in listening, understanding or giving support to your anxiety & resolve the issues. After all, one may not be actually genuinely concerned about you or may be awaiting to see you suffer. In this duality mixed society, all cannot be good to you.

Strangers, at times of emergency can come to your rescue & they are to be thanked profusely for coming from nowhere, but you should not reveal all secrets to the strangers, as one time introduction may not bring in more intimacy of contact, as a bolt from the blue. Otherwise you may get involved in a totally new situation,not conducive to your welfare or may be an embarrassing situation. Hence keeping secrecy of one’s thoughts & actions gain prime importance.

(11) Keep all secrets of trivial or complicated family issues within your family & do not involve others to enter into your personal life, unless you genuinely feel that intervention is required due to your inability to tackle a situation independently & single handedly. Be precise & to the point & do not load the listener with unwanted & irrelevant matter, which might otherwise prejudice the situation & your purpose may not be served. After all, mental & physical strength & ability to solve your dilemma rests with the person, whom you trust.

(12) Your feelings, sentiments & emotions are comparable to turbulence of upper layer of “Sea Water” subjected to external forces. All your experiences will change according to your exposure to the external world. Your “Subconscious Mind”, comparable to middle layer of sea water holds key to stored “Conscious” experiences. If incidents in life are deep seated, your conscious mind will dig out old memories of incidents from subconscious mind & display them as frequently as your conscious mind touches upon them. All these feelings, sentiments, emotions are your secretly guarded experiences, unless you share them with others.

(13) Past is the foundation for the present, Neither can you access the past nor find solutions to what happened before. What has happened is a matter already experienced. What remains in your memory of the past is very little, since new experiences & exposures shrouds your memory. You are likely to be prompted by old latent karmic impulses to indulge in similar actions in the present. It is up to you to weigh the present circumstances to prevent similar mistakes. All that you do now is more important & relevant than what you did in the past. This puts the foundation for your confident, self willed future.

Your destiny is not your sole property, as situations & circumstances keep changing & influencing you differently at different times. The sum total of circumstances & your conscious efforts & actions puts a strong foundation for future. As the world changes continuously, nothing is deterministic in future. You are tuned to nature’s will & purpose of your creation. It is not easy to understand nature’s will. Your independence & freedom to live are controlled by forces unknown to you.

Best philosophy is to surrender all your mental & physical actions to super power, who created you, in whatever form or shape, which you would prefer to keep as a “Personal God”.


(1) Our greatest & deep seated secret of life is”Birth, life & Death”.

(2) As long as we do not know how to unveil the secret of life, we should surrender all our mental & physical actions to our personal God.

(3) When we know nothing about our creation or about our future, we are left with absolute surrender to GOD, to carve our destiny with a limited “Free Will” factor made available to us.

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