The Wisdom of Silence

Quiet people know the wisdom of silence that’s why they are smart. no, it’s not always, everyone has wisdom it’s just different people use in different ways.When people interpret your quietness as you being stuck up, standoffish, or rude. It’s not that you think you’re better than other people; you really do care deeply about others. It’s just that you often don’t know what to say.

“Be quiet for long enough and everyone in the room will think that you are a philosopher.”

But why are some very smart people so quiet?

Because there are quiet people at ALL levels of intelligence.

Society doesn’t like smart people, they are seen as weird, freaks, proud, arrogant, mysterious, and many people are jealous of a smart person who makes it known that they are smart. Notice, it’s never the smart kid bullying the dumb kid, it’s almost always the dumb kids bullying the smart kid. Also, smarter people are generally introverts. There are studies that show a strong correlation between intelligence and introversion. That’s not to say that smarter people are always introverts or that’s all introverts are smart but there is a correlation. Anyway, smarter people value privacy. They generally only show their true self to those they are close to. This can make it seem like they are hard to read or socially impaired but this is really not true.

Smarter people are often seen as stuck up, proud, or arrogant. But really, most smart people are really humble and are very sensitive to the thoughts and feelings of those around them. You would think knowing that you are smarter than most people at work or in your class would be a reason for the smarter person to think of himself as better than everyone else. Intelligent people know what they don’t know and they acknowledge that they don’t know everything. The smarter you are, the more you do not know. They see their shortcomings and are humbled by them. Because they are generally humble, they try not to let slip that they may be “superior” to their peers.

They usually don’t speak without reason. If an intelligent person seems a subject worth talking about, many smarter people would love to talk about it and might (maybe but probably not) even dominate the conversation. They hate small talk.

“Hey how was your day?”

“Oh my day was good. How was yours?”

“Great! I had a chicken sandwich for lunch.”

“Oh chicken sandwiches are good”

That kind of stuff drives them up the wall. They see small talk as a conversation starter, not the filler. They want to talk about how people feel and think and react to certain situations. They want discuss hypothetical ideas and questions. They want to know your deepest thoughts and feelings.

A quote by some guy whose name currently escapes me goes,

“dumb people talk about events, average people talk about other people, smart people talk about ideas.”

If you try and strike a small talk conversation with an intelligent person, don’t be surprised if they act uninterested, frustrated, respond with one word answers, or just shut down the conversation. And don’t take as “this person is unsociable” or “was it something I said?” They don’t have anything against you, they just have absolutely no interest in talking about what Patty Popular said about No-hands-Nathan. If you want to a conversation with an intelligent person, try talking about what they think or feel about, say, whether they think there is life elsewhere in the universe. It doesn’t have to be about space or philosophy, it could be about how Abraham Lincoln would react if he were suddenly transported to the twenty first century or something. Talk about ideas instead of people or events. If you really want to talk about a person or event, try asking them why so and so happened or why so and so did this. Try and turn it into an idea.

Lastly, they observe more than they speak. within about thirty or less seconds of walking into a room, an intelligent person has already scanned the room, evaluated its inhabitants, and decided whether they are worth expending valuable time and energy in. If no one is relatable or able to carry on a meaningful conversation, they kinda zone out, and/or don’t interact with anyone unless absolutely necessary. They listen more than they speak.

So, why are they like that?

  • They stay quiet because: They are not interested in the subject. Most intelligent people are not interested in small-talk and will therefore not interact with people talking about pointless subjects. But, when you find something that sparks their interest, they will often speak volumes!

  • A lot of them spend their time in other places. What I mean by that is that a lot of them do not have the practice to being socially open enough to talk about any subject. Most intelligent people spend their time working, learning or studying and not hanging out with other people - or at least not as much as other people. This makes it difficult for them to sometimes say what they think because they have no practiced talking to others or because they haven’t spent enough time with them.

  • Intelligent people love to learn. This love of learning plays a huge role when in a conversation because you learn a lot more about the other person when you listen rather than speak. Which is why intelligent people like to listen, analyze and think about what is being said rather than speak themselves.

  • They go very in depth on topics. Whereas most people are interested in the people they talk to, intelligent people are more often interested in the topic being discussed. This means they would much rather go very deep in a conversation and will try to avoid small-talk, which often conflicts with the interests others have in a conversation.

  • They are generally too kind to disrupt others. In my experience I have encountered that the intelligent people that do not talk are a lot kinder than the ones who talk a lot. They have an inner knowing that the conversation is important to others and will therefore leave the topic be, rather listening in and not speaking for the sake of others.

  • There is too much on their mind. Intellectual people think… a lot. This can become a real problem when they overthink and over-analyze everything that happens to them. This habit makes them smart, but also more likely to become depressed and it even affects their conversations. Since they think so much they will have a hundred more important things they have to think about before they can invest their attention on the conversation. They prioritize their life after what is most important, and conversations usually do not make the cut.

  • Introversion: This is because as intelligence declines, extroversion tends to increase. As intelligence rises, especially beyond a certain point, people tend to become increasingly introverted. People with very high IQ’s of 160+ are often extremely introverted, even pathologically so.

  • Living in your head: We all live in our heads to some extent, but no one lives in their head more than extremely bright people. I imagine if we could look into the brains of very smart people, we might be amazed at the content in there. Very bright people are often having conversations in their head frequently of a question and answer type. The content of the inner conversation often changes rapidly, so as soon as they are ready to say something, their mind may have moved on somewhere else, or it may not be an appropriate thing to say anymore, as the conversation has moved on.

  • Weighing what to say: Although very bright people are often regarded as social retards, I doubt if there if there is much good evidence of this. For instance, for perhaps every ten things I think about saying to people as I move about in public, I might say one or maybe two of those things. All of the others are censored out as unacceptable, unlikely to go over or more likely to fall flat or bomb out. This is because before they say something, bright people often weigh it in their heads quite a bit from all sorts of angles to determine whether it would be an acceptable thing to say or not, whether it would fall flat, bomb out or be seen as weird, crazy, offensive, too familiar, out of context, too forward, too personal, or too sexually oriented for the situation.

  • Being extremely observant: Most people don’t realize this, but bright people are often observing everything around them very carefully, and in many cases, they are trying to figure out, analyze and put the situation in front of their eyes together in the most sensible ways. They are searching for patterns, making hypotheses, and yes, engaging in a lot of generalizations along the way because if you are in the habit of pattern recognition, you must be generalizing constantly. Indeed the wisest man of all is the one who has figured out the most patterns in life and has made the most and most accurate generalizations about the patterns that he has seen.

  • Inhibition: This can be thought of best as recognition of and being chastened by the notion that one can open their mouth and make a complete ass of themselves, hence caution about speaking. One of the problems of being very bright is that one observes a world full of people saying and doing stupid, irrational, and just flat out wrong or incorrect things all day every day.

  • Caution: Smart people tend to be cautious. As IQ declines, people become less and less cautious. Indeed, an argument can be made that “Life is an IQ test.” Careful studies have shown that more intelligent people quite simply make fewer mistakes and do fewer stupid things than less intelligent people. As a result, they have fewer health problems, and they actually live longer.

“Fear less, Hope more; Whine less, Breathe more; Talk less, Say more; Hate less, Love more; And all good things are yours.” ~ Swedish proverb

Silence is a precious gift. In that space between our words, it’s where we find ourselves. When the mind is quiet, when there are no thoughts and no words to be said, We can hear our own soul and intuition. such people are mostly writers, leaders in different organisations, and counselors.

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