The Unloved Need Love Too

The people who need the most love are the ones that think they are unlovable. They need the most compassion, kindness, and grace afforded to them because they already rip themselves apart. Some are too far gone but there are many who still hang on to hope that someone will care and not exploit their vulnerability. We can’t really turn our noses up at children who become gang bangers… NO CHILD RANDOMLY CHOOSES THAT LIFE. We cannot turn our noses up at girls who sell their bodies or who are promiscuous. NO CHILD CHOOSES THAT LIFE. When we throw around words like slut, ho, thug, bitch, dead beat, we box these people in and we leave them there in that box. We don’t see human. We don’t see that it could have been us. We don’t see that’s someone’s child. We don’t see the abuse. We don’t see the past. We don’t see the pain. We don’t see the suicide attempts. We don’t see the scars or the marks or the disaster from the womb to the person you see now. Everyone has a story. Remember that before you crucify someone based on your standards.

There’s so much pain in this world… it's agreed to have to be this way, if those who can help, do help.

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