The Sad Reality of Devoted Marriages

The sad part about “devoted marriages” sometimes is that two people are so busy trying to be what they think the other person wants is that they forget to be themselves. This woman told me once that being married was so much better than being alone, independent and single. I cringed so hard because I’m not sure why she was associating independence with being alone. In my eyes BOTH parties should be independent. You come together to join forces and create a life of fun, partnership, growth, and hopefully to build empires. You don’t get together to become complacent, domesticated and satisfied with where you are. What is the point of that? A partnership in my eyes challenges me to grow as an individual and as I become a better version of myself, the relationship gets better because my partner gets better too. You should never be lost without another person. A marriage is about complimenting each others life, not completing it.

Only YOU can complete YOU.

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