The Reality of Getting Hurt

The reality is that people will hurt your feelings. The people who will hurt it the most are the ones who at point promised to always be there and never hurt you. It’s a fact. Then what, though? You die? You cry? You lay down and weep?

Understand that they are human just like you. Their intention is to love just like you and mean it but you now, being flawed gets in the way. Some people are cowards. They run at the first sign of issues. They break their promises and they retreat into themselves. It’s not because they are trying to hurt you but because they are protecting themselves. You don’t want that kind of person because they are cowardly and selfish.

You want to be with someone who will tell you like it is and love you even harder for going through the storm together. You want someone who will fight with you long after the moments stop being really cute and romantic. You want a warrior who isn’t afraid to get a little banged up and bruised in the process because they know that you love them and you are not going anywhere so they stay and battle with you.

Be thankful for those who walk away. Honor, cherish, respect and trust the person who has seen you at your utmost worst and still honors, cherishes and respects you the same way. Seek warriors. Let’s cowards runaway.

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