The Realities We Choose

We breathe life into the things we place our attention on. Whatever has our attention, occupies our minds and becomes a part of our reality. So we must choose carefully what type of reality we want to align ourselves with. Some may say that it is ‘ignoring reality’ by tuning out from the conspiracies, the stories of economic woes and secret back-door government deals. I say that these things can be a part of your reality, if you choose. The longer you focus your attention on something, the more you will find proof to validate your perspective at every turn. It isn’t so much about ‘THE TRUTH’ and more about your truth. What is true from your perspective? We all have a perspective, so we all have a truth as well. Is your truth serving you?

Your attention breathes life into whatever you place it on. Is your attention on things that bring you joy, peace, happiness and abundance? Or perhaps you are focused on all of the lack in the world, the war, misery, sickness, disease and mental slavery? What would happen if we all stopped beating the drum for everything that we don’t want in this world and started beating it for everything that we do want? What if we stopped protesting about oppression, depressions, suppression, recessions and simply started living in freedom that we created for ourselves?

Think about it… 

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