The Fear of Love

I believe that we all want love we can rise into, grow into, expand into and just be our whole and complete selves with no kind of pretense whatsoever. You hearing me?

I believe that we all want a love so nice that we are just free to be ourselves and know that being us is enough. We all want a love where we will be appreciated and shown gratitude for all the good things that we bring to the table. We also want compassion and kindness when we completely mess up and do terrible things. We want the space to be honest ability short comings without being punished and made to feel less than incredible.

We all want our partners to see the best version of us even when we can’t see it in ourselves. I believe that people want to tell the truth but the consequences sometimes deter that from happening. I think we all want to not be scared to say what’s so. I think fear drives to greed, lust, cheating, stealing, lying and sometimes killing each other.

Do not underestimate what fear will you and others do. It is irrational, crazy and a trigger for absolute foolishness. The other side of fear is love. Stand in love and lot of the things we do because we are scared will subside.

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