The Energy Exchange of Love

I just want to talk about energy exchange this morning and how it relates to lovers. I want you to read this like you have no prior knowledge of any doctrine or belief system. Even as I write these words I’m not sure what’s going to be produced but it’s not about what it’s about how the message lands in your spirit.

I believe that the exchange of passion, energy and good vibrations is something that is so beautiful and pure. I believe that we meet people sometimes who move us so deeply and so passionately that they take over our entire thought process. We think we see them everywhere, we dream them, we fantasize about them It’s beautiful and fun and very easy when all that exists is the possibility of everything and nothing. I believe that to relate to someone as they are and to allow their everythingness and their existence and essence to penetrate your universe is so beautiful and there is just a richness but actually a wealth in that.

Unfortunately it starts to become less romantic and fantastic when we choose to label what we feel. We label it and then we share it out. We tend to then box the possibilities into these peg holes. Like oh well this person could be my man/woman or my husband/wife or I want them to wear this when we get married or you tell your friend about it and they ask you a billion questions that you feel like you MUST answer.

Listen, don’t take the fun out of fantasies and the newness of possibility creation with a new person. Stay in the moment with them. Don’t compare nor contrast them to anyone or anything you know. Don’t dress them up in any wedding gear. Don’t plan weddings nor anything else future based. But rather take the present moments, the now moments, the right here in your face moments and enjoy that!!!! Enjoy the kisses, the hand holding, the sex if you have it and everything else. Don’t define what feels good. Don’t expect it to go uphill or downhill. Don’t do anything predictable or ordinary with someone who makes you feel alive, extraordinary and so amazing. Don’t do what you’ve always done. Resist the urge to box in beautiful expressions of love as being in a relationship. Just relate to this person as another being of love and light in this vast universe. See them for them and not who you dream they could be. Meet them where they are and give them room to be the same. Show your beauty and your wounds. Show yourself without needing hide or put down who or what you are. Express yourself without judging yourself. Say your I love you’s and I care for you’s, and I want you to stay without hesitation or restriction. Simply love your person just as they are and ask them to do that for you too.

Stop complicating your lives, with all these labels and definitions and judgements. Just be happy. Live in the moment. Be free. There is no room for rules, traditions or limitations in love. Love is freedom in every regard.

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