Telltale signs you're in front of a very intelligent person

Highly intelligent people only make up 10% of the population so are easily overlooked especially that they spend so much time to themselves. However, there are clues that you might know a very intelligent person. Most commonly they are mistaken for being socially awkward, stupid and social hermits.

Intelligent people have a tendency to be emotionally intelligent as well except in the case that they were raised in a highly abusive and dysfunctional family. Still, these individuals will learn to be emotionally intelligent whereas others will simply repeat the behavior without question. It just might take an intelligent person some time to learn new ways contingent upon how much abuse they were raised with, but they will learn to be more functional.

The thing about intelligent people is they know they learn more from listening rather than talking. Even if they are engaged with a person who has entirely different views from their own and wishes to impose their views upon them, they will not engage. If not insulted, they will listen as who knows what they might pick up even from an idiot?! The intelligent person might respectfully express their view, but if the opposing force is too great, they won’t argue with a lesser being as they understand you cannot reason with the unreasonable.

Instead, the intelligent person is most commonly pleased to accept they are wrong as far as that person knows as they won’t waste their time futilely endeavoring to educate someone who knows everything.

If pushed too far, they might pop something off which incites the obtuse to no end simply for fun, but they do not become angry and they disengage quickly. When they do say something, there is so much truth it cuts to the core and injures deeply.

Intelligent people don’t boast of how they won arguments because they don’t engage in arguments. They might end arguments, but they will not stay in one.

Although highly intelligent people are commonly insulted and called stupid because most people cannot understand the questions they ask, and they are always asking questions, they will rarely insult another’s intelligence unless you piss them off. Generally they understand the lesser intelligent have no capacity to understand what they might point out, so leave it alone.

Thus it is the less intelligent simply fall behind, because not only do they ever rarely ask a question because they already know everything and are not intelligent enough to ask a question, they have to hear something 3 times before they might even begin to show an interest in it or even question what they know. Mostly the argue why they are right.

However, an intelligent person only has to hear something once before they look into.

Generally they’ve already looked at every possible view there could be before they offer a thought. Granted, ignorance is commonly repeated, so if an intelligent person doesn’t jump on old info like it’s new news, they’ve likely heard it a thousand times before.

Intelligent people pave the way for new thought. Since they are generally on the cutting edge of new information and have original thought, they are often called stupid. They don’t mind; however, some actually begin to believe they are stupid. That is why a great percentage of geniuses work in the janitorial or cleaning industry and often become mechanics of sorts too.

They chose these fields as there is no competition and thus no politics as intelligent people avoid politics at all costs as politics is a waste of time and only the ignorant engage it in. Just as well, the repetitive tasks allows them to think about things of greater importance.

Intelligent people also like to spend a lot of time to themselves as they think in the quiet uninterrupted hours. This time is valuable to them. An intelligent person rarely ever gets bored.

Mostly intelligent people can be identified as someone with a good vocabulary whom most people think are stupid because they have no capacity to understand what they are talking about. Most intelligent people will always make you feel smart unless you piss them off.

The less intelligent are willing to kill to force their views. The more intelligent will not waste their time with conflict. When it arises, they might say something like, “Wow, I didn’t know that. Thank you for telling me,” and change the subject.

I hope this is helpful. My apologies to anyone unintentionally offended.

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