Taking Love for Granted

The FIRST time someone takes your love for granted should be the LAST time. See, because after that it becomes destruction of your spirit and your personal esteem because you allow them to keep taking you for granted while you work harder to make them see that you’re worth it. You make this case by being the most loyal and loving person but in the end they don’t truly see YOU because they never did to begin with. A person who loves you will make sure they are the best version of themselves. They will be thankful for their health, their life, the sun, the moon, the stars, the air in the lungs, the food on their plate and all things big and small alike. They will know the way it feels to be able to love.

Trying to make someone love you and SEE you who doesn’t even love and SEE themselves is like a sheep telling a wolf that all we need is love, but not expecting to be eaten when hunger takes over.

A person who doesn’t love themselves is a wolf, and you, your love, your emotions, your kindness, your peace of mind, your sanity and your compassion is what’s for dinner.

Think on it.

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