Stop resisting what’s good for you!

Just now let’s Get Real….

Stop resisting what’s good for you. What do I mean by that? Staying with people who you know you don’t need to be with but not having the courage to bounce.

Ummmmmmm so you’ll rather have your sanity decline than leave toxicity? You think you can save them? You think you can love them past their pain? You think that your love will magically heal them of their pain? You think by being loyal to someone who is loyal to themselves will make them love you more? Naw!!!!!!!

You cannot love someone past their pain if they are holding on to their pain like they love it! Folks who are ready to face their demons will fight like hell to find the light and you can reach in and support because they are walking. But someone who wears their pain and owns it like it a badge of honor will need to be dragged, pulled and coaxed to their greatness and the only people left tired are those doing the dragging. You can’t force folks into loving themselves and showing up for themselves.

Access the lessons in personal love and personal sanity. You wanna work on being whole you and meeting someone who is a whole them. Two persons with really bad unresolved pain won’t make a great love story. It will make a great lesson you need to learn. Love who you love but at least be honest when it starts going to shit. The denial is slaying you and hindering your healing. Be honest with yourself!!!!!

Every moment is a chance to be patient with yourself. You must allow yourself to be whole even when you feel like you’re coming undone. It’s not terrible that we have these flaws and these thoughts that have us doubt our worth. However, just know that not every thought you have about yourself is true. Some of us need to be more honest about our flaws and others need to be core honest about our greatness. Either way ladies and gentlemen you have a choice in every single moment. Every moment is chance to be okay with how you are. Every moment is a chance to be fine with the person looking back at you…. even with all the ugly secrets and broken parts. You can judge yourself but you can also honor yourself. Love you. Make the choice to love you and choose you. You’re worth the self love.

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