Stop Blaming Single Mothers

My mind is everywhere but I need to get this off my chest…

Stop blaming single mothers for being single mothers. Stop saying that marriage will prevent you from being a single mother. Stop saying that women need to keep their closed to prevent being a single mother. Stop saying that women should make the man wear a condom. Stop saying that she knew he was no good before she laid with him. WOMEN stop saying these foolish things to other women. Men, stay in your lane and check in with yourselves and your buddies about accountability and responsibility. 

This dialogue annoys me to no end because the answers aren’t ever productive. Sooooo with that said, the way to reduce the rate of single mothers is to have conversations with women about this. Men need to have conversations amongst themselves about sex, protected sex, responsibility, aftermaths, love, lust, sexuality from the I perspective and leave the blame part out. Women have to do the same. Men it’s not your place to try to figure out what a woman should do or needs to do. It’s your responsibility to check YOURSELF only. We will do that amongst ourselves. Then when everyone has had their pow wow amongst themselves, they can come together and make some more informed choices and some amicable solutions.

I’m sick of the blame game… exhale!

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