Step out of the box in Love

Without vulnerability you leave yourself closed off to receive the light and love that you absolutely need and I’m sure that I really want. Even if I get my heart broken, being 100% transparent, vulnerable and honest takes me to the exploration of my highest self vs my ego.

Loving FULLY and wholly is the only way to love and to experience all that life has to offer. The fear and the anticipation of pain will be inevitable if that is your focus. But if you choose to love like you’ve never been hurt, you leave yourself open to a wild, magical love affair that will leave you forever transformed. But are you willing to be emotionally naked with no guarantee that you’ll be safe, comforted and loved for who you truly are. Is it worth the risk to you?

With that said, how committed are you to breakthroughs? Staying comfortable is safe. You are not challenged, you are not overwhelmed and you’re just safe. However outside of your comfort zone is magic and the space for miraculous things to occur. Do you have a willingness to grow beyond what you’re used to? Because that’s the only way you will discover what life has to offer.

Step out of the box!

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