Staying Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

When we are depressed, stressed and filled with trauma all of that gets stored in our cells and in our fat. Our stories of sadness and trauma slips snugly into the memory of our folds, atoms and cells and it hardens. While we stay dormant, stagnant and in hibernation mode the more that these parasites cling to our bodies.

When we start to workout, to stretch, move and shake we break up those memories. We break up the trauma, stress and depression that made itself comfortable in our bodies. When we move and we shake we work off and sweat out the years of pain and eventually we have open space to fill up with love, life, laughter and possibilities.

Allow your present self to enjoy the joys of saying goodbye to your past. Allow your present self to cry out the pain from the past and leave it behind. Your future self will look back to this moment and will be thankful that you took a stand for your health, your possibilities, your life. When you are transformed and you're much stronger and you can hold your own....go out and support someone else who may be struggling to let their past go. You're transforming for you but you're also doing it for everyone in your community who thinks they can't transform. Show them and help them see it's possible.

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