Soul Message: Trust Your Inner Voice

Intuition is the language of your soul... You're being called to tune in and get aligned with it's voice.Big things are coming for you! I am certain.

Can you imagine what would happen... In that moment of trigger or breakdown... In THAT moment of “wound.”

If you simply trusted and embraced love?

Can you imagine the freedom of fully trusting and receiving yourself as love?

Imagine your capacity to create when trusting your own inner authority?

Confronting all the parts of you that fear being loved, and fully owning them?


Time to own your power with grace and face core truths with an open heart.

To know yourself, to *live* your boundaries and preserve your power...

No more abandoning your own intuition, being, inner coherence and truth!

No more hiding your heart or your authenticity!

No more begging for the love, connection, respect and honor that is already inside you, waiting for your own recognition.

No more shame, belittlement and cowering behind control and force.

The trauma patterns no longer needs to be the safe route: no need to burn the house down or affirm old fears that no longer exist.

You don’t need to anymore.

You can choose yourself and let love in, from within.

You can be the reason, the gift, the love you need.

You can trust yourself.

You can notice more when you don’t trust yourself so that you can begin to follow through—all the way.

Be your inner guide.

There’s no spiritual class, teaching, book, therapist or opinion that can replace your own inner guidance system.

Make that decision you need to as you move forward with plans and projects.

Especially ahead in the next a few days, the universe has been showing you the green light to take the leap!

After all the mixed signals and confusion, what needs to be confronted is here.

Are you going to the root?

Allow the clarity and deeper understanding to arrive in naked awareness...

Allow the truth room to breath.

Listen to the presence from the voice of your soul.

I know I’ve mentioned this a lot lately—your souls voice “opens the moment” instead of clenching and grasping.

Yes trusting your own inner voice.

Everything coming together or happening for you at the end of this decade and energy is helping you make magic for the journey ahead ...

It’s helping you wash away the phobias and fears you no longer need to keep charging or allowing them to siphon your lifeforce.

So whatever demons or harsh truths you are having to face in your own mind, its all asking for release and to find a new way.

And the more you intelligently witness (soften; hold space for new insights even in the dark) ...

...the more you will transcend these past fears and phobias before heading into the 2020 energy.

So now is the perfect time to reflect.

Even though the magic is still waiting for our own realizations to come through and land.

In fact the most important time of all your lessons and future overlapping/integration is happening right now.

This means the most important part of the year is now...

How do you chose to reflect and digest all of what is leaving as you openly you receive the truths of your own inner alignment?

Take some space, if and when you need.

Honor these moments.

Even when you just need to stop and BE as you turn off all sounds and shoulds.

Quiet the mind and listen to your breath, the hum of a heater, the passing school bus.

Pause. Feel.

Sit with tea.

Release what you need to do or what you’ve already done. And just be.

Trust what show up is the way.

More will be revealed to you in the coming weeks as you move through the process too.

This is your confirmation to keep doing the work.

Keep expanding, furthering and exploring your vision...

All those truths and clarity—need intelligent space to anchor into a new way as this next major life period begins for you...

They need to be fully digested.

And you will be seeing it happen in real time too!

It’s so amazing, the transformations I am many kicking the very addictions, dependencies holding them back!

Those ending the loop of entertaining certain energies that no longer serve them!

I am celebrating you and holding you up!

Thank you for all you are moving through...

I see you witness and honor deep truths, face the music and move forward on your journey and new life!

I see you consciously releasing all the messy stuff coming up from the unconscious!

Soul retrieving all that has been asking for your own attention, digested lifeforce, belonging and love.

I see you facing truth and finally confronting lessons that may have been avoided.

I see you dropping the fears and phobias and trusting the process of following your own soul.

Because you are SO powerful when you trust yourself and what you need!

And you become unstoppable when you openly/freely receive the energy you need...

When you make room for self trust...

When you stop absorbing or entertaining what is NO longer for you.


It may feel uncomfortable in every way as you shed energies holding you back from raw authenticity.

But you are peeling the onion...

You going to the root on why you used to settle...

Why you used to “say yes”—when you really want to say no.

You are getting into “right relationship” with yourself and your own heart integrity.

Learning how to be more honest and real with your core essence and truths.

Learning how to “interrupt the self abandoning”...

Recognizing that you no longer need to keep investing your energy in the people, places and situations that are not resonant, honest, supportive or real...

And as you investigate, you’re seeing clearer now what is NOT your job, ie) like taking on others emotions or mirroring others actions that isn’t your core truth or desire.

You’re starting to know when you’re intuition and truth speaks to you (even in knee jerk reactions and triggers) or receiving notice of the dreams and signs and signals!

You’re noticing what your body feels like when you when you are, and when you are not, in alignment with yourself ...

You are learning how to know what is energy is yours and what isn’t AND how to be kind to yourself and others, in the process...

Because being “at one” with yourself takes time as you interrupt what is old, ingrained, collapsing or in the process of collapse.

So please be patient as you essentially “clean up karma” and make space for miracles.

And go within, knowing your naked awareness and being is enough.

Ask yourself...

Where am I betraying myself for another?

Where am I still being afraid to CHOOSE MYSELF?

Where am I still afraid of love?

What are the ways that I am still hiding from my own self love?

What false narratives, beliefs, dynamics, addictions or dependencies are (loud and ready!) asking for release?

What trauma has been going on unrecognized or unattended since childhood that is still operating in your life that needs space to be intelligently seen, transmuted and shed?

Yes—you are MAGIC in your raw authenticity.

You can create the new even as you release the old.

What drives you at your core?

Are you responding from the wound (fear)acting out the wounded child inside you?

Or love, choice and creation?

Are you willing to allow this soul fragment to be returned home as you move deeper into your own inner alignment, power and truth?

Everything that has come up—phobias and old fears, mistakes and mishaps, changing resources, shocking secrets unveiled and major life lessons are all golden nuggets for you.

When the wounds show up: ask yourself what you need...

How you can allow this part of yourself to be loved and released from its holding pattern?

It’s right before you move into a higher frequency that you experience a “collapsing” of some sort.

It’s a tower moment of everything and everyone who’s vibration doesn’t match where you are now going ...

You can trust what is crumbling as you make room for more light.

You can face your darkest truths with a soft and open heart.

Like I started this message with above:

Can you imagine feeling the freedom of fully trusting, receiving yourself as love?

Expressing what you need from a place of self love and self trust?

Walking through the flames of your own inner authority?


It’s not about them. It’s not about “their toxicity” or the mess they must clean up.

Its about looking within as to why you relate with this toxicity.

So again forgiveness isn’t just about forgiving those who hurt you.

It’s about fully burning straight through the core of your own resentment, sadness and toxicity within.

It’s about embracing your own abandonment and therefore truth within—and living it.

This is self love.

If you are triggered or angry, consciously feel and process it.

This is medicine.

No one is triggered or angry from things that are not true—we only get triggered by truth.

Again it’s not about false positivity and removing or numbing the dark.

It’s about integration of what is unseen or unmet inside you as you step in the light.

It’s about who you are and be and do, in the dark.

It’s how you treat yourself when no one is looking.

It’s how you use your words from love and truth and show up in it.

You must take accountability for your own self love or the intensity will increase in 2020 with repeating karmic loops.

The universe has been telling many to make changes for years now but the time is running short for a lot of people. If you’ve been ignoring the signs and not paying attention to what changes you need to make, 2020 will be a rude awakening.

Yet for those “in the work” keeping their hearts open, rewiring patterns and facing truth, you are being prepped to take flight!

No more holding back what is pure and real inside you; you can recognize your own light.

You can face even the “toughest conversation” when you trust what you know within.

You can face the flame of truth and acknowledge what you need.

You can keep releasing what has died so that you can fully birth yourself into the new.

You can get real with what your most naked and authentic core desires are.

Because right now, especially —you can make tremendous strides toward your dreams through a right relationship and right focus with yourself.

That also means being conscious of your deeper motivations before you dive in.

And using your power, self worth and sexuality from an intentionally pure and embodied place (ie no manipulating for love, etc).

Remember, your true power is within, its never from others or power over others.

It’s about being moved and inspired by the grace of your own inner alignment, knowing what you truly want.

When you come from love, you are always worthy.

It’s more about CHOOSING to be the gift of what you want—thus knowing yourself and choosing it.

No longer abandoning yourself to chase an outside love or authority.

Knowing, existing, being what you need as it naturally pours outta you and into others.

For those who’ve been on the journey for a while, you are likely seeing life moving up to the next level and transforming in all aspects that have to do with your inner and outer values and self worth (energy of abundance and wealth even).

This is can also be a great time to reinvent a new process, or merge something into a new way as you organize and invest in a new path or routine.

Either way you now have more insight on what your values are and what you should and should not be investing or charging with your energy....

It will help you re-evaluate what to put your energy into.

Also putting an end to what a lot of people THOUGHT they valued before (so desires are more rooted from a place of soul), from fear to love.

So all in all it’s a profound time of shedding, adjustments, cleaning up and making room for the miracle so that you ‘align within’ to what you want to create with 2020 ahead.

Surround yourself with what you love—more fun, more art, more nature—even work that inspires you...

Choose to be in the very places that more often open up your heart, soul and mind.

Around the very beings and things that fuel you to feel more of the small joys, ne ways of seeing and simple wonder...

Nature that calls you, music that knows you. Art that melts you. Poetry and new stories bringing you through adventures and understandings...

Those amazing souls who make you laugh and feel grateful to be alive.


Surround yourself with what you truly desire and love and BE it.

Surround yourself with more of your souls already existing offering, just as you are now.

Know blessings are on their way to you.

You are okay. Trust the timing.

Keep doing your work.

This is your confirmation.

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