Soul Message: It's Time to Face the Music

Yes, it’s time to BE ENOUGH for YOU first; the rest of the world can wait!

Be patient through the “up and down” energy.

Surrender and flow... meaning even as challenges show up, choose to consciously release the things, feelings, old perceptions coming up and allow IN love.

Pay attention: your communication with yourself is the most important communication you have; it’s where self transformation (embodiment) begins.

Speak from love: your energetic body, cells, soul, spirit can hear you.

See from love: those who test and trigger you are those sent to you, to show you to break free, get into alignment with yourself and to trust yourself!

Yes, to learn to trust. Not your ego or your history.

But to Trust your Soul and why you are really here. YES—when in FLOW and alignment, notice what comes naturally to you because it’s what you’ve practiced over lifetimes. It’s why you are here.

You’re here with pre-existing information.

So even the worst challenges you face are helping you recognize your most natural gifts, when you align within to your own truths.

You’re seeing that you must integrate these deeper truths, face the music and move forward!

It’s time to shift those old stories, narratives and thought patterns into free magic. Thoughts like “you are not rejected, alone or without anyone to love you” and “you enjoy your own company and you are selective with who you choose to be around—and you are now attracting only deep, worthy high-vibe soul connections.”

It’s all about your intention and perception and what you choose to create from here. You don’t have to let your dreams die because of “sacrifice or your role or duty” in life.

Your only job is recognizing who you really are outside of your programming and conditioning.

Besides, following your truth and dreams isn’t selfish, ridiculous or self indulgent.

It’s how you give the MOST to those you love because you’re fully EMBODYING and living as love itself!

The more you receive and show up powerfully AS yourself the more those who love you become the beneficiary of your self love and rewards!

BE the gift. Choose yourself.

Let the old continue to “flush out” as you discover more of what IS awakening inside you!


Repeat after me:

“I love and accept myself just as I am and continue choosing myself, staying in my own heart, lane and trusting what I need. I don’t chase, only magnetize as I move deeper into my own alignment. I speak from love and being the gift.

I understand nothing happens all at once. I allow the space to reprogram my mind to think differently as I release old paradigms and limiting beliefs..shifting from lower mind to higher mind, lower heart to higher heart—I am not judging myself or the process!

I am a beautiful fuzzy colored worm turning into a majestic butterfly and I trust the metamorphosis “goop” stage I sometimes find myself in without needing to add criticism. I am consciously releasing every moment if it’s not serving me as I go to the root of what IS and does.

I accept all mistakes as pointers for truth and love. No longer am I urged to beat myself up when I can root IN and simply feed myself what in need. I can exist worthy in my own presence and truth, no matter what is happening.

I release words that keep me stuck as I consciously choose words that give me loving and embodied choice.

I believe in why I am here on this planet learning stuff like this at this time. I trust my capacity, truth and soul in all circumstances in life—I allow the challenges to show me what my gifts (wisdom) are when I fully release old BS narratives and surrender my ego.

I trust the process of release. I freely flow and feel what is unfamiliar and unknown. I soften to the pain and ‘turn inward open’ so that I can consciously access, witness, feel and release what no longer serves me as I intelligently gain ‘new insights and awareness.’ I inner-stand that I AM consciously releasing a thousand deaths over a thousand lifetimes.

Meaning in this lifetime, if I choose, all versions of me are clearing karmic timelines, attachments and stories as I stand in naked awareness, marry myself and fully witness the truth of my already existing power!

This is self love as I trust in the divine timing of my own inner alignment! Knowing that even if it’s not what I want in the moment, things are always working out for my highest purpose, whether I can see the full gift right away or not. I surrender and trust I am supported, at one (the law of one) with the Universe.

I welcome the new paths, ways and miracles into my life. I am ready. I am grateful!”

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