Soul Message: Face Your Feelings

It’s been a profound and challenging year of un-learning, deconstructing the old and self loving accountability…

I feel the next year 2020 is only going to be picking up intensity and power in these already existing truths.

You are being called to ask yourself to move deeper into yourself…

Are you willing to apply the wisdom and choose love?

Are you willing to apply self mastery with all that you’ve learned this year, and all that has been revealed to you?

You already know now on a soul level what to do. You begin by slowing down, going inside and checking within.

How we think, express, communicate and work, has been basically a time of reflecting inward as you see the ways that you can set yourself free!

Besides, your attachment to safety is blocking you from what you need and want.

You must allow yourself to step forward into realizing these shadowy attachments and bring them consciously into the light.

There’s no more running from the skeletons of your past or the revelations that are here for you.

What you keep hidden, secret and guarded is actually the very same thing keeping you in a glass cage with no seeming way out.

So as we all “slow down” in the area of our minds before the end of the year, you’re being given the opportunity to go back and re-think, review, re-value, release and re-align your beliefs, communications and thoughts.

It’s all happening for your highest good, giving you the opportunity to remove, re-prioritise and restructure as you step more into your own power, truth, self permission, self integrity and inner light.

It’s time to recognize what is addiction and obsession vs. allowing yourself to choose love and choose be-ing it.

It’s time to embrace all ranges of expression, emotion and shadow from a calm, inner still point as you gain a deeper understanding.

It’s time to consciously see any outdated ways of thinking, being and no longer engaging with anything or anyone harmful, abusive, toxic or destructive…

What’s “not for you” or what needs its own nurturing self care will continue to get louder until you hear it and retrieve the lost soul fragment looking for its way HOME.

It’s a time to remember who you are, even through the trigger.

Listen to your nervous system.

It’s all happening so that you have the opportunity to apply all that you’ve learned about your soul power, healthy boundaries, abandonment and self love the past couple years before we go into the intensity and power of 2020 and take major flight!

You’ve probably been feeling things more real than ever lately...

There’s such “breakthrough clarity” unfolding for you if you’re listening from a soul level…it’s all showing you a new way forward as you align deeper to your underlying core truths and desires.

You’ve been deconstructing the old at the same time as building a new foundation for how you express your being, your shadow and allowing yourself to receive your own internal power...

All in all, the profound time has been reinforcing your need for deeper depth, purpose and truth in all your connections and relationships.

It's time to apply the unveiled truths you’ve experienced from a place of higher meaning as you take flight into the new opportunities coming towards you (or already happening now!).

Expect a reshuffling of life is happening...

This will be revealing your shadow buried deep in your subconscious mind that is influencing your self expression, communication and interaction with the world around you.

It is here to remind you that through the process of rebirth, there’s no avoiding what is rising—as the only way to the other side is straight through—into the void.

It will ignite and call forth your deeper, hidden subconscious patterns.

Allow the truth bombs and epiphanies to rise to the surface to be seen.

And no matter what is happening, choose YOU, meaning give yourself what you need.

This energy will brutal for those not willing to face the truth.

So even as you roll through the deepest and darkest signs, see it all as a call go to awaken past mental struggles and also your mental strengths.

Face your demons with humility and honesty.

Choose you from a place of embodied love and the highest good of all.

Meaning when you are in “right relationship” with yourself, what is the highest good for you, is usually also the highest good for others who resonate with you on a similar frequency.

So trust the process.

Trust the redirection and transformation you’re undergoing or about to go through.

Trust it is all divinely organized and timed.

No this isn’t the time to force, make assumptions, rush or push blindly!

However, it's the perfect time to observe the details as you plan your next steps..even sitting with projects that need extra care, organization or clearing.

It’s truly a life saving favor as you get to reflect and review, to SEE the deepest parts of your soul from a “still” place.

Yes, surrendering out of the fast paced ego into the slow-dance of soul knowing, is essential.

As you do, major transformation takes place…

What was once stagnant and unreachable, comes to light for you to consciously shift and choose what you want to receive and create from here.

Yes, for those who claimed to their soul that they wanted awakening this year. There is no more room for sleepwalking-autopilot at this time.

The energy of 2020 will not allow it.

No more repeating the same looping cycles.

You’ve already learned all the lessons this year that are necessary for you to flow through these current challenges!

You can trust yourself as you to strip away what you don’t need and give yourself permission to be fully who you are.

It is here to help you step deeper into emotional maturity…

Be aware of your own patterns and pay attention to the way you react and respond to things and others; ask yourself the next 30 days...

What are the motivations or core needs/desires of my own subconscious?

Why am I relating, feeling, triggering, connecting, expressing or thinking the way I am in this moment and what do I need to offer myself from a core desire within?

Curiously investigating can bring beautiful, profound and unexpected information into light that is essential for you to move forward.

What are your subconscious habits and “coping mechanisms?”

How can you create new pathways that directly let love in, directly and straight away?

This means...

No more “giving to receive.” That’s manipulation.

How can you go straight to receiving?

Knowing yourself like this will offer you great clarity and understanding as you review the past over these next few weeks…

Again, know the difference between what is sustainable self love that embodies its own example and what is chasing, obsession, ego and attachment.

Go within, reflect and make changes accordingly…

You can “set the table for success” by gently, powerfully expressing what is the boundary for you by b-e-i-n-g the example.

You can embrace all the hidden aspects of yourself as you choose love, even in the midst of storm or transformation.

If you’re reading this and doing the work (you know who you are) I am feeling you are now ready for a quantum leap of soul growth as this next chapter fully opens for you...

This means there is big opportunity for raising your vibration and karmic soul growth as you head into 2020.

So long as you are being “soul naked”.. true to yourself and allow yourself to be seen—even the parts of you that you want to soul retrieve, shift and transmute.

All your outdated glasses and conditioned beliefs are being shed as you find new flow and begin to “open your cage”...

So choose the present moment and dare yourself to see things differently, soaking up new ways of experiencing what is truth, love and growth for you.

Yes, you are safe and you can feel safe, even in all the places you used to feel unsafe in.

Ultimately, emotional safety is really an ego illusion and I’ll write more on this, later this week.

It’s really your attachment to “ego safety” that is blocking you from receiving the things you deeply desire and need—it’s one of the primary kinks in the hose!

No more manipulationships! No more playing it safe!

What keep guarding is keeping you shackled.

No more keeping yourself small!

Be who you are and discover more of you, as you unlearn the rest...

Don’t feed others from a place of your own fear or mis-integrity with yourself.

Choose love.

If someone judges you and you don’t own it, then guess what?

It goes back to the person perceiving it.

How others treat you, when your heart and soul is fully exposed and authentic reflects back to their own reflection and patterns with self.

Don’t let anything stop you from being who you are in this lifetime or even from opening up and seeing your own truth.

Just just be you and let love in, even in the dark, be the source.

Set intentions and then flow outside of what you “think you know”.

Stay open for unexpected surprises and possibilities for transformation, even through old delusions and misunderstandings.

Know that what you say may be different than what others hear and the distance between the two is where true intimacy, communication, transformation and connection is ultimately realized.

So be careful not to leap into false conclusions or assumptions or you might get the answers wrong.

This will usually have you digging deeper for what is real for you and might bring some rather intense conversions with others.

So be aware that the depth of feeling, sensation and emotion is more raw than usual—stay in your own field and own your triggers as you come back home.

Observe the small moments... the events, people and situations coming your way as you pay attention to the details.

Just don’t jump to conclusions.

You may need to “feel first” when you’re triggered and express your “stuff” privately in conscious self-release.

You can do this through lots of practices, even as simply as consciously feeling wounds in areas of the body as you hit a pillow...allowing all the sounds to come through as energy moves freely through your body and “locked wounds” unlock, coming into the light and back home.

This energy is deeply encouraging you to finally see, embrace and unite your own shadow, reflection (duality meeting non duality) and your inner abandonment for the long haul.

As we move forward into 2020, the energy WILL NOT support whatever doesn’t resonate or that you don’t like (meaning the things you forget or repress, instead of soul integrate, unite within, create new from...)

So whatever is not working from a place of coherence in your life, no longer engaging with it. This is for your highest good and purpose.

Recognize the call when it comes.

Keep your eyes open for what is inauthentic, deceptive and not for you, if it chooses to stay in the dark.

You don’t have will over others, only within who you choose to show up and be.

Each soul has their own path; what they say or do is a reflection of them, not you.

Don’t take anything personally.

Trust the voice of your soul and move forward.

The mind doubts and second guesses. Stand up and speak your truth. Embody it.

Connected to source, in nature, in your being is when you flow and know at a core level what is best for you.

Practice intuitive practices like periphery meditations or automatic writing or body/breath/somatic work—you can strengthen your intuition as you keep raising your vibration.

Embody your throat (truth, expression) chakra, your solar plexus (soul over ego) and root (belonging, safety) chakra—knowing you’re safe to express what is real, even if only for the passing moment.

Realize that what is NOT for you to keep carrying, can freely dissolve with your own self permission.

This is freedom and love as one.

Repeat out loud:

“I (insert your name) trust myself more than my mind thinks. I choose to listen to inner wisdom no matter how strange, ugly or painful it is. I have a voice and I am meant to hear myself deep within my own inner knowing. I choose to listen to my soul as I release these old (beliefs/experiences or name) from my life.

May I be free of this energy no longer having access to me in any realm or in any form. I am removed from it physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally and energetically. I am open to receiving and integrating the lesson, the gift and I forgive myself, this experience. I am thankful for this wisdom.

I forgive myself and them, for the pain or struggle I’ve felt. I am free from this attachment, I am free from repeating toxicity, I am free as much as I am willing to embrace every layer and part of me. I choose me, choose to come back home and to let the light in. And so it is”

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