Solopreneurs and Burnout: That Shit is Real!

ABOUT EXHAUSTION…most solopreneurs are BURNT OUT.

It’s real. And it’s deep inside of you. There’s even a voice speaking straight to your soul, piercing it, saying you have to do more, you’re not doing it right, and all of the rest of the lies our minds try to trick us with.

Meanwhile, you’re busy in your career, busy with your families, friendships and other relationships, and trying to stay a float.

The pressure can be overwhelming. Burnout and exhaustion follow. And numbness can be the final stage as you give up and decide life is supposed to be hard, and JUST DEAL WITH IT.

Most people I talk to say they haven’t experienced that perfect energized balance in a long time. And for some reason they think it’s ok to continue one more day, year, decade without treating themselves to a more WELL, aligned, joyful, energized, present life.

When is enough enough? When you get sick from the stress? When you’re too burnt out to focus on your business?

Exhaustion often comes when self care is at the bottom of your list. Does it seem selfish to care about yourself and take care of yourself? To feel healthy and full of vitality? To live in a higher vibration?

You may know that you need something more, but you don’t even have time to sort it all out…

You feel the exhaustion is keeping you from being your best self in your career, with your families and it’s keeping you from living a passion filled life.

But the truth is, you’re accepting this as ‘just part of life’.

You aren’t choosing to do something about it. I know it’s hard, I know some days you feel numb to it all, but if you don’t do something about it, no one will do it for you.

Your future depends on it.

How can you even focus on your BIG goals when you can’t even stay present in the moment because of sheer exhaustion and overwhelm?

It starts with a commitment and decision to taking action each and every day to get out of the exhausted prison you are stuck in.

You have to DECIDE that burn-out, overwhelm and exhaustion are no longer acceptable feelings to drag with you throughout the days.

It’s strange, because as fierce as you are in many areas of your life, these negative feelings, lack of confidence or even sadness around your wellness… can take over.

And your clients can see it, they can feel it. You don’t even have to say a thing. They know.

Think about it, if your child told you she wasn’t feeling well, you don’t just say, “Well kid, that’s life. You’re going to have to just grin and bear it and realize that wellness is hard to come by.”

NO… we STAND UP and fight for our child to experience the best life full of vitality and joy.

I bet, just knowing that you are NOT standing up for yourself and caring for yourself is causing even more imprisonment and exhaustion.

Maybe you’re exhausted because your stuck on your marketing plan… or the tech part of your business… or sales…

We teach our children to treat others as we would want to be treated.

So why don’t you treat yourself with more care?

Do you sometimes feel like it’s impossible to regain your energy, joy and confidence as a solopreneur?

The dedicated action takers are taking names and chewing bubble gum… they are determined to feel better and gain massive success.

They are fighting for themselves, their children, and their futures.

They have superpowers! And they don’t want to be hypocrites or martyrs.

They want to live their best lives and not worry about their wellness and their futures.

The successful people I help are successful, professional, spiritual… and they all have something else in common…

They came to me with a lot of feelings of exhaustion.

And they were sick and tired of it because they knew their families and their clients were getting a fraction of what they had to offer…

When you realize that you have more to give but you’re just STUCK and too numb to actually do anything about it…

That’s when it sets in.

So, are you OKAY with this numbness through these precious years?

If you’re committed and dedicated to doing the work to get out of the cycle, then book a free 20 minute call with me. I’ll help you get clarity on your personal dynamic and see what’s standing in the way between you and ABUNDANCE.

We will talk for about 20 minutes and take a deep dive to see if I can help you. And I’ll give you a simple next step plan to follow. If you’re not a fit for my high impact coaching, I’ll still get you a lot of value and point you in the right direction.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the space to invite everyone I speak with to work with me. We do deep transformational work, so you have to be a right fit.

And those who are a fit, are really dedicated to making a lifelong change to finally enjoy life on your terms, with revitalized energy and massive amounts of joy.

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