Set Yourself Free

Freedom to me means more than being free from some tyrannical government or unjust system within society. This would mean that as long as these things are in place, freedom would be absent from my experience and would rest in the hands of someone who isn’t me. The type of freedom I want is the type I can experience in this moment, generated from my own conscious efforts. Freedom from my own self imposed limitations, freedom from self-judgments, harsh criticisms, doubts and fears; freedom to explore the nature of my existence in it’s entirety, affording myself opportunity to indulge in my heart’s deepest desires. The only thing that stands in the way of you and what you really came here to do is a choice.

Freedom of following your heart can also come with many sacrifices, and you must be prepared for the judgements and opinions of others. If you have reached a point in your life where you do want to change, you need to be prepared that not everyone will be willing to come along for the ride. Your passion and enthusiasm may sometimes get you into trouble with those who don’t share it. Some people will be ready to pounce and criticize you for many reasons. You can either let it affect you or you can use what they have to say to empower you to want to travel your path even more…your choice.

The days that we feel uncomfortable are the days that we need to nurture ourselves the most. Discomfort is often a tell-tale sign of growth and it is so important to take it easy on ourselves as we advance. You would not scold a baby falling down when they are learning to take their first steps, so why then would you scold yourself whilst experiencing your own growing pains.

Our progression in this life is not always smooth, the outcome is often uncertain. Finding love for yourself right now is the gateway to liberation; not the person you once were, not the person you will become. The person you are in this moment.

So tell me, will you set yourself free?

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