Seek Out Other Lights and Shine Together

When you love someone you don’t give up on them because they are making poor choices. Don’t turn your back because their choice may be an embarrassment to you. Think about the distress, discomfort and desperation one must feel when they are going through a tremendous storm. I know it must be hard to be offering shelter, warmth and an umbrella and they reject those things to continue going through the storm. I know that the level of frustration and disappointment is probably tremendous for you because you’re offering refuge and they won’t take it. I want you to consider that sometimes we have to allow our people to go through the storm. We have to let them find their way, we have to let the rains and the wind and the scraps of things fly into their eyes and hit their bodies because that’s the path that they chose. I get that watching that must be so hard and heart wrenching. But imagine what it must feel like to be in that storm. Imagine how lost, sad and desperate one must feel if they are choosing to walk in a storm. Imagine the inner turmoil, the grief and the hurt that your loved one must be feeling while in the storm. Imagine that they know that you are there but still a part of them won’t allow themselves to reach out because they know you’re disappointed. They know that you may feel ashamed. They know that you are probably thinking that have failed. They know all of this and it’s magnified by their own self ridicule, judgment and grief. I just ask that even though your loved one is making a poor choice, be steadfast with your encouragement and prayers. Continue to be a refuge and let them know that they always have a place when they are ready to get warm. Always remind them that you will pray for them and you’ll be there to listen without judgement. It’s never easy to watch a loved one go through a storm. It’s worse to ACTUALLY be in the storm, remember that. Be unconditional and steadfast in your love and light. Your words may not seem like they are getting through but consider that sometimes your words could be small pockets of shelter and warmth during the storm. One day, they will have victory over their storm and you will be glad that you chose to stick by them. Some people never make it out of their storm…they die in there, lost, sad, afraid and alone.

Be a light, continuous, shining and steadfast. Seek out other lights and shine together so that your loved one can find their way home.

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