Sacred Love

If you ever get the privilege and gift of having a Sacred Romantic Love, be sure to honor it, be very grateful you been blessed with such a gift, never take it for granted, or not see its value, when you find that special person that get’s you, feels you, can read you, heal you with their love, cherish it, there is nothing more divinely sacred than having a love like this, someone who echo’s the voice of love, someone who conspires for your greatness, wants only what is best for you, honors, see’s, trust and believes in you, when you have someone like that you can accomplish great things that you would or could never of accomplished alone, that one person that is your soft place to land when the world seem’s a little cold or scary, that one person you can tell your secrets, dreams and goals to and they support them fully, the one that loves you many times unconditionally, the one you get to sleep next to, wake up to, who will fight for you, cry for you, die for you, give a dam about you, make long passionate love to, takes your breath away, takes you places in ecstasy you have NEVER been and you never could alone. Kisses you so passionately your knees get weak, and your drunk off their love, how do you describe love my mere human words are not adequate enough, love humbles me, its far to great for me to describe ” love” to honor its sacred beauty, it would take a million words and years and still not touch the surface of how great love like this is, All I can say is if you have this kind of love don’t take it for granted. Instead honor it and cherish it completely, be grateful that you have been so blessed. Many wish and long for it, a love so rare and pure.

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