I am no love guru but I have my theories. I believe that we can love multiple people simultaneously and with our entire being. However, I think that there's always that one person that has the keys to all of your doors. The doors that you lock your secrets, wounds, scars, pain, brokenness, fear and skeletons in. That one person uses those keys to open those doors and clean out those rooms. They come in with love, hope, possibility, desire, healing and creation. They see past the clutter and only see this beautifully, imperfect but finished product. They see their reflection in you. They see who you are underneath all of the fear and they call out your name. They call you by your name, until finally you realize that there's no distinction between your voice and their own. Through the intense work, you actually were healing each other in perfect synchronicity until there was only one heart and soul present. That right there is what I think love is. That kind of love isn't just found, you are born with it. It's in every strand of your DNA. Your soul doesn't rest nor is at peace until you find your perfectly fitting puzzle piece.

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