Power of a Thought

To create is to give birth to something from nothing. We as human beings have absolute control and free will over what we create from our minds. Our thoughts is the place where creation is born and the rest of body follows suit. Thoughts give rise to actions. In other words, whatever we think will show up in the way that we behave and carry ourselves. Everyday we are creating something, but how many of us actually pay attention to our thoughts?

I always ask my readers, “What do you want?” I get a variety of answers, but when I ask what are thinking that is stopping you from getting these things that you want? I am usually met with silence. They are not sure usually. I pose the question to you reading this blog, what do you want? What thought is stopping you from getting what you want? Everything and anything that can happen is created from our word. Our word is simply the manifestation of a thought. I have observing many people say I want love but there are no good men or women out there. Two things can happen with that mentality; for example dating…

1. You will CONTINUE to attract no good men/women because that’s the thought you have put out into the universe.


2.  You will be single for a while because you won’t be attracting anyone to you because you think men/women are no good and you’ll put up a wall so high that no one will be able to climb over, leaving you single and bitter. What you resist will persist. Keep saying I don’t want a bad man/woman, and that is exactly what you will attract.

Okay, so how do you create what you want? Well, it takes practice. I was in the practice for many years talking about what I did not want. what I did not like, what I did not need and all of those things kept showing up. I thought maybe I was cursed or something. What I know now is that I am EXTREMELY powerful and whatever I thought would manifest into my life. I had to do a serious introspection into my thoughts. What was I thinking that was having all these things that I did not want in my life to keep showing up? I was focusing on the negative. I would not make affirmative statements. I’d say “I really hope this “insert your activity” doesn’t cancel. Guess what would happen? You guessed correctly if you said the “activity” canceled. I started noticing that pattern, if I think it then it happens. What would happen I thought, “This is going to be the best “activity” ever!” ? Well, it turned out to be the best “activity” ever. I realized that I LITERALLY had to power to sway how things went with my thoughts. I was committed to transforming my life by transforming my thoughts. In order to be successful at that, I had to CREATE a thought process that promoted success, growth, love and positive affirmations.

You may be at a point in your life where things are not going so well for you, and that’s okay but what are you thinking? Are you creating and inviting negative thoughts into your space? Are you attracting what you don’t want by thinking about what you don’t want? Stop doing that then. To make it easier for yourself, get a journal and write down twenty things that you DO want. Once you have written them down, make  few copies and post them in places that you frequent in your house, car, workplace and subconsciously and even consciously you will be seeing your WANTS in an affirmative light. Now, to take it a step further instead of saying these are the things that you want, relate to them as things that you HAVE but you just have not uncovered them yet. Live into your future by OWNING your present. Think as though these are the things already yours. Observe your thoughts and see what shows up for you. Also, I have eliminated words like cannot, try, maybe, hope…..those words are ways for you to wavering in your thought process of ownership of your positive thoughts.

Just as GOD created the world and created YOU and said it was good, you too can do this. Reach in and find the I AM in yourself and CREATE love, light, positivity and everything else that is great, simply by THINKING thoughts that correlate with these things. You are a POWERFUL being. You are a beautiful, whole, complete and capable being who is worthy of having everything you desire. You must first create it within your thoughts. Your beautiful thoughts will give rise to beautiful actions which will produce beautiful results. You can do it. I see the GOD in you.

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