Personal Growth

Don’t let your goal in life to be for people to like you. Forget that. Either they will choose to like you or they won’t. Your goal is to be YOU. Unapologetically you with all the layers and components to your personality. You don’t have to he this robotic, politically correct, conforming human being all the time just for the sake of being liked. Man, listen you can be as sweet as pie and someone is gonna hate pie. You just gotta be who you are, the best version of you and those who will love you will love you hard. Those who will hate you then that’s their loss. Those who are ambivalent then whatever that’s okay too. Focus on elevating yourself and loving those who love you. Nice is a farce. You can be nice but absolutely apathetic to humanity. I don’t care for nice. I like being truthful, honest, compassionate, forthcoming and full of love. Sometimes what I have to say won’t be nice, but guess what? Those who love me will still love me. Those who hate me will still hate me. Those in the middle may go either way. That’s life. Either way I’m invested in my personal development, you should be invested in yours too.

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