Patriarchy is the Enemy.

“Patriarchy is the enemy.” – Eroc Arroyo

That statement is the truth! Why is this happening? This is not new, we shame girls and we make them wrong for having sex not knowing all of the details. We label girls sluts when they hang out with too many boys. They are sluts if they dress provocatively. They are sluts if they wear too much make up. When will we teach our girls that sexual urges are normal and yes your body and your hormones will make you want to have sex and that is normal. When will we tell them that yes, although those urges are normal as a girl/woman we may have one idea of what we want to do but if a boy/man has a different idea and he overpowers you and rapes you that you should not EVER be scared to tell just because you willingly went with him. Even as women you should never be ashamed of wanting/desiring sex because it makes you less lady like or less holy. Who the hell cares about being lady like or holy?? Be happy in the skin you are in but more importantly WE should NEVER have to be scared or fearful that some perv is going to violate us because we were (insert whatever sexist reason here). NO ONE has the right to violate or shame a woman/girl for her sexual choice. Who has to right to judge her? NO one. I don’t care about anyone’s religious doctrine or whatever stupid standards someone has….keep all that shit to yourself. Rape is wrong. Bullying is wrong. Shaming a woman for having sex in anyway she chooses is wrong. We must teach our children to love themselves and love each other by any means necessary. We need to teach our children to stop hurting each other…but you know they won’t until we stop hurting each other…

Do not shame your daughters… love your daughters and teach them what you know. Tell them your stories, do not hide from them. Tell them about your trauma, tell them how you know that making the choice to hang out with the wrong guy ends up being a bad idea. Do not tell them that they are sluts or that they are unclean…. forget that. Teach them that they are worthy no matter what choice they make and support them in their choices- keep your criticism to yourself. And no matter what choice they make it should NEVER end in rape, bullying or any kind of shaming. Anyone who is doing that is not about love.

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