Parenting Series 8: The Children are our Future?

There is a saying that “the children are the future” and it is believed that they “possess the power to make the world change”. Here’s the thing about the power of those words…when we truly believe it and integrate in into our lives, we are giving away our personal power. We are relying on someone else to make things change we were ourselves are dissatisfied with how things are going. There is no such thing as being “too old to make a difference” or being “too old to change”.. these are just programming we have been raised with in order to keep us complacent to system that does not work and cannot continue to work like this as we are harming ourselves and the planet. NO person’s health or wealth is more important then anything else’s existence. We are all sentient beings, even the trees, insects and animals and until we begin to treat each being in this manner, we cannot expect change to occur. We cannot wait for someone to save us, we need to start saving ourselves. We need to make the change to be the change.

If we set good examples for our children by stopping at nothing to make the world right, then yes they too can strive for this and change things as well but they do not need to the sole ownership of this change/movement.

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