Parenting Series 4: Allowing Time Out For Independence

As parents we have to remember that what we say and do leaves a lasting effect on our little ones. It’s important to enforce traditions that really last and stick in the mind of a child. Even the smallest child has ideas about the things that we do, I think asking them their thoughts and allowing them to elaborate on those thoughts could really create a powerful person.

I know at times I’m overwhelmed, especially in particular with my daughters’ talking the chatterbox she is. She tells me about every aspect of her day whilst her imagination is in play. I think her talking is actually really important. Sometimes though, I need quiet. Instead of telling her to be quiet, I ask her if it’s okay for us to have quiet time together? She gets that concept well. In that time she either plays with her brother or gets comfortable to watch her favorite animation movies. As parents life can become chaotic, so much that time or space for independence either is non-existent or it can be used wisely to do our own chores or just to stop, relax and enjoy a coffee a feeling we all know too well parents. The quiet time actually works very well and it gives both of us a time out to just gather our thoughts. It also works a lot better than just saying shut up or be quiet. That’s a routine and a tradition that she can use when she’s overwhelmed and just simply needs a break.

As parents we have to consider and remember the feelings of our children. The way we say things really impacts their psyche and how they approach situations. We have to remember to be mindful of their perspective and do our best to cater to them AND preserve our own mental peace as well. It requires little effort to get into your child’s world, we just need to move out of our own way to see the joy in connecting with our babies. How did you want your parents to be with you? Did you like the way they handled things? Remember you were little once too. Be good to your babies, they are our future leaders.

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