Parenting Series 12: Lack of Parenting

What happens to children whose parents teach them self doubt, shame, passive aggressive tendencies, emotional instability and fear?

They grow up to be adults with issues that affect every aspect of their lives. It’s never a kid’s fault for what their parents didn’t teach or did teach them. It is however on the adult to seek ways to find healing, and let go of personal blame and accountability for the bad behavior of their parents.

Lastly, to the parents who think they did their best and argue that that’s all they had, I wanna remind you that we all have choices. It takes courage to be a hands on parent even when you are tired, broke and struggling. The thing is, is that it’s your duty to not to entertain your child but to really encourage and show your child what safety, comfort and love looks like in the absence of material things. Parenting is 99% heart and soul being poured into another human being. It’s finding the strength to go above and beyond for this life that you brought into the world. Every moment is a teaching moment. How can you be doing your best of you truly aren’t because you decided to check out emotionally?!? That’s not your best…that’s easy. Parenting is tough but so is having a child who feels lost and alone because of your lack of parenting.

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