Parenting Series 11: Parenting is NOT Simple

Parenting is NOT easy. Just being a single parent or coupled to one child is hard, let alone multiples. I do not care what anyone says, some days are and will be harder than others and without the right support parents can feel like they are at the end of their rope. On a heavier deeper note in light of recent events in the media, I’ll never excuse a parent who murders their own child. However I won’t pretend to not get the grief, the stress, the overwhelm, the exhaustion and hopeless that comes with a terrible day. I am fortunate to have to privilege of a huge extended family, good friends, and a ton of resources at my disposal, and age and wisdom on my side. I think about the young mothers who don’t have what I have and still have to manage with multiple babies or even one baby. It’s tough and things are getting tougher for those living in poverty and even tougher living in poverty and having an undiagnosed mental illness or PTSD. These are factors that people DO NOT consider when they judge parents who make very bad choices that end their children’s lives. How many of us have just shaken our heads and judged a mother or a father who we thought we were better than and condemned her/him vs smiling and simply offering a kind word? And if you read that whom of you are guilty of doing it? This world is growing increasingly cold by each passing moment but there are pockets of warmth.

Always Remember that there are parenting hotlines for parents struggling with their babies or having a hard day or just a hard life. Every tiny bit of support helps. Be kind. Love.

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