Own Your Power or Be Owned

Plan your work and work your plan. If you want results then you have to plan accordingly. Set yourself up to win. Would you climb Everest freehand with just your two arms and that’s it?!?!? Heck no, right? That’s how some of you dive into weight loss or quitting smoking cigarettes or whatever things you choose without proper planning. You need to right tools to help you succeed. You need the right people to have your back. You will also need the right mindset in order to succeed. Put yourself on a schedule until whatever it is you’re doing becomes second nature. No one is born winning at anything. Sure many people have natural talent but still without diligent practice they won’t ever become masterful.

Have fun on your journey too. Don’t restrict yourself. Do the things you want to do, yes, it could probably hinder your progress. Not always but sometimes. My point is do not be so rigid with yourself that it becomes a chore or you feel like you’re missing out. My friends life is good. Do the things that you enjoy. Do things that will make you strong and have fun.

You get to say how this journey of life goes because no one else is in the body that you are in, so either you own your power or be owned by the influences of the world.

Think on it.

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