Omnipresence I Am

Immersing and conversing with my oneness in the silence, and multi-layered visions of my past seen with present eyes unfolded before me. I envisioned myself, in various loving moments passed and shared, however briefly. Passing, fleeting moments all converged into one… and I saw, nevermind,…. FELT, the love within, towards me, yet somehow I never noticed it then, but now I was looking at THEN through the eyes of NOW. I had ALL of it, my consciousness then merged with now… overwhelming LOVE I felt in me and appreciation for the journey thus far, for ALL of it, even what I had to let go of, the loss, the overwhelming waves that moved in me… and through.

I saw aspects of myself, and what I was healing… I saw that when the interweaving connection of two spirits dancing, unaware to my human mind or perception. And I feel the love in a circle between all the souls that I have loved within that time and forward on the journey. It is all connected so intimately and beautifully. AND, here I AM, with this ever-growing love in me, building infinitely. As I got these visions tonight, I saw more sweet, loving, intimate moments to come… I felt as though I was in the vortex…. but what I HEARD and RECEIVED so clearly as I was witnessing myself in the past THROUGH the present was, “It has always been there,” repeating, beating in our hearts, heating in our souls… the truth repeated, “It has always been there.” We were dancing and romancing in the spaces between our awareness and now we are basking in the bareness of this nakedness. Amazing. Dear divine light of LOVE- Thank-you.


Life isn’t about waiting for the storms to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain.

~ Vivian Greene

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